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Wishlist Member Tips Series

Wishlist Member Tips about Payments and Shopping Carts

If you are managing a paid membership site or if you are thinking of establishing one, but you are not sure which payment gateway you should use, which pricing model to go with and more then these tips are exactly for you.

In this post we gathered all the tips about payments, pricing models and shopping carts, click on the tips relevant to you using the quick navigation links below:

Tip #65: How to allow Certain Users Access to Your Paid Membership Without Paying

In some cases you would want to allow specific users free access to your paid membership site, for example:

  • If you are managing a forum and you want to allow access to moderators
    If you want to give free access as a bonus / gift
    If you have several writers or contributors

What You Get in this Tip?

In this tip we go over how you can easily grant free access to your membership site to anyone you want very easily.

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Tip #56: Monthly vs. Annual Subscription – Which is More Converting?

Some clients prefer to pay on a monthly basis and some prefer to pay on an annual basis, but which option is more converting for your audience?

What You Get From this Tip?

In this tip we go over the pros and cons of monthly subscription vs. annual subscription and which option is the most suitable for your business and audience.

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Wishlist Member Tips Series

Tip #31: Choosing the Most Suitable Shopping Cart Service for Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

One of the most common answers we get from clients when asking them which shopping cart they are going to use is: “I am open to suggestions”.

Wishlist Member currently offers 17 different shopping cart integrations (in version 2.9) and has definitely become one of the most powerful membership sites platforms.

However, it is very confusing for many Wishlist users to figure out which shopping cart would be the most appropriate one for their needs.

In this tip we go over some of the most popular shopping carts used by Wishlist users according to statistic information we collected from clients.

We also help you find a shopping cart faster by giving you some guiding questions.

What You Get in the Tip?

  • The 5 most popular shopping carts that integrate with Wishlist Member according to data we collected from clients
  • Guiding questions to help you find the most suitable shopping cart for you
  • How to automate the registration process to your membership site completely

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Tip #31: Choosing the Most Suitable Shopping Cart Service for Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

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