CouponFay – The New Revolutionary System to Creating Time Limited Coupons (Coming Soon…)


Coupons are an excellent way to increase sales and boost your revenues.

When giving away expiring coupons, you create urgency, which, almost in most cases increases the sales.

That is exactly why we decided to develop CouponFay, and we want to give you as our visitor a chance to get CouponFay before everyone else…

CouponFay will be released soon and will have a limited number of spots only.

What is CouponFay?

CouponFay is a new automated system for creating coupons online.

With CouponFay you will be able to create unlimited number of coupons and define different expiration parameters to create urgency and boost sales, for example:

  • Expiration date – Ability to set a final expiration date for the coupon (example: till 10/14/13 at 11:59 pm)
  • Hour frames – Ability to set the coupon to be valid between certain hours only (example: from 9 pm to 11 pm)
  • Day frames – Set the coupon to be valid only on certain days of the week
  • Limited number of coupons – Set the coupon to be valid only for the first X customers

You will be able to combine several parameters together and test different variations to optimize your revenues from the coupons.

How CouponFay Works?

The magic of CouponFay happens when a customer enters a valid coupon code in the coupon field…

CouponFay then automatically replaces the regular price with the discount price and when the customer clicks on the Buy button, it is already updated with the discount.

CouponFay Benefits

  • Give the coupon code only to customers you want
  • Set different expiration parameters to each coupon
  • No need to create a different page with the discount links/buttons

Which Platforms CouponFay Integrates With?

CouponFay is not limited to certain platforms and can integrate with any platform you are using: WordPress, Joomla etc.

Which Shopping Carts CouponFay Works With?

CouponFay integrates with all the popular shopping carts: Clickbank, PayPal, InfusionSoft,, 1ShoppingCart, 2CheckOut etc.

Reserve Your Spot…

CouponFay is in its final development stages and will be released soon and have a limited number of spots only.

When the product will be released, we will notify everyone who is registered to CouponFay’s waiting list and prioritize them before everyone else.

To be notified before all the rest and increase your chances of reserving a spot, just fill-in your email below.

Join CouponFay Waiting List Below:

Register to CouponFay Waiting List

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Important Note:

By registering to the waiting list you are not obligated in any way to purchasing CouponFay.

CouponFay homepage: 

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