Does Wishlist Auto Registration plugin work with InfusionSoft shopping cart?

Does Wishlist Auto Registration plugin work with InfusionSoft shopping cart?


I want to purchase Wishlist Auto Registration plugin, but I’ve been trying to integrate a membership site with InfusionSoft but without success so far.

How do I know that the Wishlist Auto Registration plugin will work?

Do you have videos of how it integrates with InfusionSoft with Wishlist Member?


*** Important Update from June 1st, 2017: 

If you are using / planning on using InfusionSoft we highly recommend that you check Wishlist Member for InfusionSoft service

Also, if you are thinking of purchasing InfusionSoft, make sure you check our special gift to you (a free license to one of our top Wishlist Member dedicated plugins. You can get all the information in this post: Thinking of Integrating Wishlist Member with InfusionSoft? Don’t Miss Our Gift!

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I understand that you are trying to integrate Wishlist Member with InfusionSoft.

We are a 3rd-party company who develops plugins for Wishlist Member and the WordPress platform.

You can search for the instructions on how to integrate Wishlist Member with InfusionSoft inside your Wishlist Member user account.

We provide paid troubleshooting services and we can set the integration for you, including Wishlist Auto Registration.

If this is relevant, please contact our developers at:

Regarding Wishlist Auto Registration plugin:

Wishlist Auto Registration does not change anything in the integration between Wishlist Member and the shopping cart and it doesn’t require any adjustments to the regular Wishlist Member integration settings.

Wishlist Auto Registration is transparent and when you activate it you really don’t need to do anything in order for it to work properly.

You can get all the information on how to activate and use it in the documentation of the plugin here:


In the manual of the plugin here:

The purpose of Wishlist Auto Registration is to automate the registration process when the user returns from the payment gateway.

This is the process:

1. User redirected to the shopping cart

2. Fills-in the payment form and pay

3. Redirected back to the membership site

4. This is where Wishlist Auto Registration takes control – it registers the member to the site, logs him in and redirects him to the Thank You page + sends him email with the login details.

In step 4 Without Wishlist Auto Registration the member will need to fill-in the regular Wishlist Member registration form in order to complete the registration to the site.

If you are interested in Wishlist Auto Registration, you can find more information about it in this link

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