How Can I Export Users Including All Custom Wishlist Member fields?



I want to export all my users from Wishlist Member and import them into my own autoresponder.

I have few special custom fields, how Can I Export Users Including All Custom Wishlist Member fields?

Thank, Chris


Hey Chris,

Thanks for writing.

Wishlist Member does have the option to export all user data including custom fields.

All you need to to go the Wishlist Member Members tab choose the Members tab and then then export tab, there you will find all the an export dialog.

Here is a screenshot how it should on Wishlist Member (click the image to enlarge it):

You members will be exported into the CSV file, that way you can import them into any application or autoresponder that support CSV files import.


Answer Update  (thanks to John Daltrey for the comment)

The export feature does not export custom fields that have been created by the registration form editor

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About Scott Williams

PHP coding expert and Wishlist Member user. Familiar with Wishlist Member API. Built many custom plugs for clients. Besides my love for coding, I also enjoy swimming and taking long runs. Code = Poetry. Scott is a lead developer at | Plugins & Guides for eCommerce Websites

13 Responses to “How Can I Export Users Including All Custom Wishlist Member fields?”

  1. Hi, I’m having an issue with exporting custom fields. All that is contained in the exported csv is standard wordpress fields – even when ‘export full data’ is checked. Any ideas?



    • Hi John,

      That is strange the export function includes all the membership details as well.
      Try to check the header option and see if there is a column name “Level”.

      • Hi Scott,

        Thank you for the reply. Issue not solved however, Its stange as all the info is gathered in the users account in the backend but its not showing any custom fields on the csv file? The membership level is selected from the dropdown and the 3 check boxes ticked. Is there any other suggestion?


        • What do you mean when you write ‘custom fields’ ? The Wishlist Member plugin export feature supports all the fields created by Wishlist Member and the regular fields created by the WordPress platform.

          Do you have any other custom fields ?

          • I just mean any fields that i have created in the Custom Registration Form Editor using the ‘standard fields’ options.

  2. I’ve also just been asked to export a list of Members of a specific level with custom Registration information, and checking ‘Full data’ doesn’t include this in the CSV for me either.

    I’m using WP 3.3.1 and WLM 2.71

    • The export feature that exist inside Wishlist Member plugin does not export custom created fields.

      • This very thread is an answer of how to “export all user data including custom fields”?! So the answer to the orginal question is incorrect and there is no way to export custom data that users provide on registration to a csv file?

        • Hi John,

          You are right the and the answer has been corrected.

          The export feature that exist in Wishlist Member only allow to export fields that were added by Wishlist Member plugin and not fields that were added by the user using the Wishlist Member registration form editor.

          • This really is a major flaw to the plug in I feel. Does anyone have any work around to this? The amount of data exported is pretty minimal. The CSV file does not contain even simple details to populate a CRM system such as telephone numbers or web addresses.

            Scott, do you think this is something that will be looked at and addressed in the future?

            Thanks for you ongoing help with this matter.

          • Scott Williams April 11, 2012 at 5:25 am

            I’m trying to find a way to do it easily.

            Of course you could do it manually through the DB using a SQL query but this solution is for exports.

            I don’t know if Wishlist Products team will change add it in the future, but may be we will develop a plugin for the job.

  3. Thanks for your reply, Scott. A plugin would be very welcome for some of my clients, I’m sure.

    It seems pointless to be able to add custom fields to then not be able to do anything with them, but then so much of WishList is so counterintuitive, it’s frustrating!

  4. I have over 20,000 members and want to export all of them, but every time I hit the export button, only about 2000 members show up on the CSV file (and they all start with the letter ‘a’). I have the correct membership level selected as well.

    At one point I would get a page that said “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in wp-includes/cache.php on line 405” but I am not getting that anymore.

    Any solutions for this problem?

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