WishList CubePoints Protection

WishList CubePoints could not be any simpler, and yet, it is an efficient way to produce good conversations within your community. Just by putting this plugin into play, you will be making great interactions with a lot of people before you know it.

So What Does This Do?

In a nutshell, the WishList CubePoints Protection Plugin can be used to control the privacy you have in your site simply by being able to protect your membership content. This will be based on the CubePoints each member has.

What Does That Mean?

Wishlist CubePoints members need to gain higher CubePoints in order to access more content on your membership site. What this will do is motivate them to earn more and more points since if they just keep themselves on a low score; the content they will have access to would be limited.

This will also help you get new members because if a visitor who is not logged in realizes that he needs to get CubePoints in order to access membership content, he would want to sign up right away and start earning points.

And that is why…

The WishList CubePoints Protection Plugin is something you should use on your site. You will gain more active members who want to have more CubePoints. And at the same time, non-members will have the itch to sign up as new members to you site. This is as simple and as effective as it gets.

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PHP coding expert and Wishlist Member user. Familiar with Wishlist Member API. Built many custom plugs for clients. Besides my love for coding, I also enjoy swimming and taking long runs. Code = Poetry. Scott is a lead developer at HappyPlugins.com | Plugins & Guides for eCommerce Websites

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