How can uninstall Wishlist Member completely?


I don’t need to use Wishlist Member anymore and I want to uninstall  it from my WordPress website.

How can I uninstall Wishlist Member completely?

Thanks, Maria


Hi Maria,

I don’t know what’s the reason you want to uninstall Wishlist Member Plugin as it’s one of the best membership plugins developed for WordPress.

Either case, you can erase all the information Wishlist Member store in your databse simply by going to the Setting tab and then the Backup Tab.

There on the bottom of the page you will find a button that reset and erase all Wishlist Member setting.

* Don’t forget to tick the check box : “I want to remove all my current WLM settings.”

See the screen shot below  for more details

After that you can deactivate the plugin and delete it.

Btw, if you want to erase Wishlist Member because you have a single license and you want to install it on the another website you don’t need to erase the plugin just to deactivate it from Wishlist Member main setting page.

Also you can buy an unlimited license which will enable you to install Wishlist Member on unlimited number of websites.

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2 Responses to “How can uninstall Wishlist Member completely?”

  1. I’m running current version of wishlist on current version of wordpress and that reset button does not work.

    In my case, I need to clear all the settings so that I can start over, but it won’t reset. So to the original question, I too am looking to see how to totally remove the plugin, in the hopes that I can reset things that way and then reinstall fresh and start over again.

    The zendesk support system for wishlist, the FAQ’s, and the knowledgebase are totally lacking btw. That or the good stuff is completely hidden somewhere. (would like to know where, trying to search for answers is completely random)

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