Is Wishlist Coupon 2.0 Still Available for Purchase?

Is Wishlist Coupon 2.0 Still Available for Purchase?


“Hello Dana,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get Coupon 2.0 somehow?

I’d love to offer promo codes on my site:

Any chance I can purchase this somewhere?




Yes, Wishlist Coupon 2.0 is available for purchase.

You can see the complete overview of the plugin and how you can get it in this link:

We have also written a tip regarding how to use coupons with Wishlist Member.

You can find the tip in this link (you need to be logged-in to the site):

To view our complete Wishlist Member Tips Series go to:

Kind regards,


About Dana Brown

I am a full-time internet marketer, I help people establish successful membership sites for about 3 years now. I am a project manager at - An online store for WordPress and Wishlist Member plugins.

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