Popup Domination Review

Site owners usually believe that using pop-ups on their membership websites do no good to their site and that it just bugs visitors. Well, that is completely not the case!

Popup Domination Plugin is a WordPress plugin that enables you to produce professional looking light box pop-ups which are designed to boost the opt-in list conversion on your membership site.

All you need to do would be to install Popup Domination Plugin like any other WordPress plugin. Once you are done, you just need to make your selected changes on the dashboard.

After a while of getting used to Popup Domination Plugin, I am completely drawn to it. I have reached my opt-in conversion goals sooner than I imagined.

Why Popup Domination Should Be Your Choice

Very Effortless to Install and Use – Popup Domination Plugin contains no frills even when you are just starting to use it. You can easily activate it just as you would any WordPress plugin. You can also use the free installation guide video if you choose.

Various Popup Styles to Choose from – Popup Domination Plugin also provides you with a number of eye-catching light box pop-ups that you will surely match your motif. This is very different from the typical email list opt-in forms, which tend to be quite plain.

Provides Analytics Data – Another great thing about Popup Domination Plugin is that it will be able to generate analytics so that you will know which pop-ups brings you the most views and opt-ins.

Compatibility with All Email Service Providers – Popup Domination Plugin is highly flexible because it can work seamlessly with the different mailing list providers. You just have to copy and paste the opt-in code without editing it and the plugin will do the rest.

Schedule how and when Your Pop-ups Would Appear – With Popup Domination Plugin, you also have the power to modify the schedule that your visitors will see the pop-ups. The time delay could also be set to how many seconds you would want.

Why I Love Popup Domination

I really love that I can easily preview what I have created through Popup Domination Plugin. The ease of getting to see what I have done makes me know if it is already good to go or if I should still make changes.

Another interesting feature of Popup Domination Plugin is that it lets you create list points of up to four bullets. This allows me to entice my visitors more so I can get higher conversion rates while still having a sleek popup.

For more information on Popup Domination click here

My Final Conclusion on Popup Domination

Popup Domination Plugin certainly proves how helpful it can be to boosting the conversion rates of any membership site owner out there through the use of pop-ups that look very eye catching and professional.

Without a doubt, you should give Popup Domination Plugin a chance to work on your website so you can realize how easy it is to create beautiful pop-ups that really deliver consistent results.

Go to Popup Domination homepage for the pup-up examples

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2 Responses to “Popup Domination Review”

  1. Hi Jen

    I need your help. I’ve got Wishlist member, Wishlists Registration Widget Premium and the author of PopUp Domination has given me a free copy of PUD which I will pay for if I can get it to work!

    My problem involves getting a video to work within the PUD screen and I can’t receive the double opt in email to arrive in my email inbox. Here’s the video I sent the author of PUD but he won;t reply! Fallen off the face of the earth. Hope you can help!



    • Hi Brad, we don’t support products that we didn’t created because we really can’t know the inside coding of each product without digging into the product itself and checking all of the settings and configuration of each element in the process.

      If you are intrested we offer paid troubleshooting services on Wishlist Member Developers website. You can find more information at: http://wishlistmemberdevelopers.com

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