Action Popup Review

When I was just making my first steps in the online marketing world it used to be very challenging for me  when it came to having people to opt-in to my mailing list. I had a lot of trouble finding ways to persuade them to sign up to my website.

In line with having a bad opt-in rate, I failed to earn a decent amount of money from any of my websites. I needed to grab the attention of my visitors rather than just let them get out of my site time and time again.

Action Popup is a WordPress plugin that helped me address this concern by flashing sleek pop–ups that would convince visitors to opt-in to my mailing list before they even get a chance to leave my site.

Action Popup Has Some Outstanding Features

Action Popup is very easy to operate from the moment you install it like an ordinary WordPress plugin, to the time you integrate it to your email Autoresponder like MailChimp and Aweber, as well as until the moment you set up the pop-ups you want your visitors to show. Indeed, this simple process will get you ready to use pop-ups on your membership websites in a short amount of time.

Action Popup provides flexibility by letting you choose whether a user who has opted-in would be redirected to a particular page you have set or simply to the current page again.

Regardless, you will still be getting the higher opt-in rates that every internet marketer wants.

If you try and compare Action Popup plugin with its competitors, you will see that it is more affordable since others would usually cost more than $50. Action Popup is also able to deliver more enhanced features, especially on its recent update. Considering that the updates are free for life once you purchase it, Action Popup surely sets the bar high among its kind.

And while it may seem that pop-ups could be an annoying element in a website for some internet users, Action Popup is definitely an attention grabber that will have visitors reconsider subscribing to your website.

What Drew Me to Action Popup?

An amazing characteristic that I love about Action Popup is that it creates a JavaScript pop-up, which means that it would not get blocked. Despite the web browser settings of a particular user, the pop-up will still appear.

I also like that I am able to easily customize the appearance of the pop-ups in terms of the size, background color and the position that it would appear on. There are also templates which allow me to instantly pick a look. While further editing would require HTML codes already, I am glad that the basic and necessary ones are completely covered.

Action Popup charges a onetime fee of $47 which, in my opinion, is already a great offer considering the boost in opt-in rates that I have achieved thanks to Action Popup.

Action Popup Rocks!

Action Popup really shows to be an efficient way to present opt-in email forms to users in a way that they could not be easily ignored. You will defiantly benefit from this, as it will surely boost your opt-in rates.

You should try Action Popup and see how it works for you. Just so you would know, at any point within 60 days that you decide to refund the plugin due to some problems, you can easily get your money back with no questions asked.

Get more info on Action Popup plugin here

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  1. Got the Action Popup plugin, seems simple enough – but what code do I paste into action popup for the form? Try using a widget, but didn’t work – help!

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