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How Can Members Upgrade their Membership on their Own using 1-Click Upgrade Button?

If you want to upgrade members to a new level using Wishlist Member you can use one of these 2 options:

  1. Use the sequential upgrade feature to upgrade members after a specific number of days
  2. Add a link to the relevant registration form (according to the level), there members need to re-login to get upgraded to the new membership level

If you want to upgrade your members in a click of a button, then using WishList Smart shortcodes Protection Add-On you can create a button that will automatically upgrade the logged in member to another level.

Just like that, quickly and easily!

How to Use the Shortcode?

Just insert the shortcode [ wlss_add_to_levels_button levels=”Level1,,Level2,,Level3″ ] into any post or page and the member will be automatically upgraded to all the levels define inside the shortcode instantly!

Using the 1-Click Upgrade Button Examples:

This smart button can be used to upgrade your members through a series of lessons or award them with free access to more levels in one click.

For More Information:

Check Wishlist Smart Shortcodes



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