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Wishlist First Login Redirection Plugin

Why You Should Redirect New Members to a Unique Page on their First Login?

Wishlist Member plugin allows you to redirect members in different membership levels to different pages when they login to the members’ area.

You can do it from the Levels tab per membership level under the Redirects section » After Login as seen in the below screenshot:

Wishlist Member Membership Levels - After Login Redirection

However, many of our Wishlist Member clients have been asking us if there is an option to redirect new members to a different login page, so they will not be redirected to the same page as all other members (usually the dashboard page).

That is why we have developed the Wishlist First Login Redirection plugin that allows you to redirect members to a unique login page in these scenarios:

  • First time ever login – Members who are completely new to the membership site and are logging-in for the very first time to the members’ area
  • First login after membership upgrade – Members who have upgraded their membership and are now logging-in for the first time after the upgrade
  • First login after a long absence – Members who were away for a long time and are now logging-in to the site, in other words: members who haven’t logged-in to the site in x number of days you define

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How Can Members Upgrade their Membership on their Own using 1-Click Upgrade Button?

If you want to upgrade members to a new level using Wishlist Member you can use one of these 2 options:

  1. Use the sequential upgrade feature to upgrade members after a specific number of days
  2. Add a link to the relevant registration form (according to the level), there members need to re-login to get upgraded to the new membership level

If you want to upgrade your members in a click of a button, then using WishList Smart shortcodes Protection Add-On you can create a button that will automatically upgrade the logged in member to another level.

Just like that, quickly and easily!

How to Use the Shortcode?

Just insert the shortcode [ wlss_add_to_levels_button levels=”Level1,,Level2,,Level3″ ] into any post or page and the member will be automatically upgraded to all the levels define inside the shortcode instantly!

Using the 1-Click Upgrade Button Examples:

This smart button can be used to upgrade your members through a series of lessons or award them with free access to more levels in one click.

For More Information:

Check Wishlist Smart Shortcodes



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