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Wishlist Member 1-Minute How To Videos

How to Register Email Subscribers to Your Free Membership in 1-Click without Filling Any Registration Form?


This How to question comes from Paul who wants to know if it’s possible to register his email subscribers to his membership site without making them fill in a member registration form.

Paul’s question: 

“I want to offer my email subscribers to join my free membership, but I want them to be able to join quickly, without making them fill-in 2 forms, one for the newsletter and one for my membership site. How can I achieve that?”

How to Register Email Subscribers to any Free Membership in 1-Click:


Using Wishlist 1-Click Registration you can register members to your free membership straight from your autoresponder quickly and in one click.

After installing the plugin, go to the Generator tab and select the relevant membership level, autoresponder and thank you page.

Then click to generate the registration link.

Now copy the autoresponder link and paste it in the email you want to send to your subscribers (the link can be a regular text or an image)

Once a subscriber will click on the link he will be automatically registered to your membership site.

That simple!

For more information go to Wishlist 1-Click Registration at HappyPlugins.com

Wishlist Member 1-Minute How To Videos

How to Register Members to Another Wishlist Membership Site in 1-Click!


This How to Question comes from Lisa who wants to know if it is possible to allow members of membership site #1 register to membership site #2 automatically without making them register to the second website and fill in a registration form.

Lisa’s Question:

“How can I offer members a quick and effortless way to register to another Wishlist Member membership site?

I want to offer my members free registration to a different membership site that belongs to a colleague of mine as part of a joint venture we are having.”

Roll Members to Another Membership Site in 1-Click!


Using Wishlist 1-Click Registration you can automatically register members from one membership site to another. The plugin needs to be installed in the new website, in Lisa’s case her colleague’s website.

Go to the Generator tab, select the relevant membership level and thank you page and click generate. Now all that’s left is to copy the HTML code and paste it in the text editor of any post or page in the old membership site, the one you want to roll members from and that’s it.

Now when a member will click on the link he’ll be automatically registered to the new membership site. Just note that for the link to work, members need to be logged in to the old membership site.

For more information go to Wishlist 1-Click Registration

How to Sell Multiple Memberships in Once Checkout Process (4 Options)

How Can Members Upgrade their Membership on their Own using 1-Click Upgrade Button?

If you want to upgrade members to a new level using Wishlist Member you can use one of these 2 options:

  1. Use the sequential upgrade feature to upgrade members after a specific number of days
  2. Add a link to the relevant registration form (according to the level), there members need to re-login to get upgraded to the new membership level

If you want to upgrade your members in a click of a button, then using WishList Smart shortcodes Protection Add-On you can create a button that will automatically upgrade the logged in member to another level.

Just like that, quickly and easily!

How to Use the Shortcode?

Just insert the shortcode [ wlss_add_to_levels_button levels=”Level1,,Level2,,Level3″ ] into any post or page and the member will be automatically upgraded to all the levels define inside the shortcode instantly!

Using the 1-Click Upgrade Button Examples:

This smart button can be used to upgrade your members through a series of lessons or award them with free access to more levels in one click.

For More Information:

Check Wishlist Smart Shortcodes



Wishlist Member Tips Series

Tip #15: Must Have Tactics for Your Mailing List to Increase Your Conversion Rates

If you are still not sending emails to your subscribers on a regular basis then you are definitely missing out on new potential customers and members.

The benefits of delivering automatic emails are huge: 

  • More traffic to your membership site/ blog/ website etc.
  • More engaged subscribers
  • Higher retention rates
  • More exposure to your and your services
  • Higher conversion rates

What You Get in this Tip:

Discover 5 must have tactics to implement when creating your autoresponders

How to keep better track of your autoresponders and newsletters results

One simple tactic that will help you grow your autoresponders’ list easily

How to register members to your membership site automatically and in 1 click only straight from your autoresponder!

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