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How to Register Email Subscribers to Your Free Membership in 1-Click without Filling Any Registration Form?


This How to question comes from Paul who wants to know if it’s possible to register his email subscribers to his membership site without making them fill in a member registration form.

Paul’s question: 

“I want to offer my email subscribers to join my free membership, but I want them to be able to join quickly, without making them fill-in 2 forms, one for the newsletter and one for my membership site. How can I achieve that?”

How to Register Email Subscribers to any Free Membership in 1-Click:


Using Wishlist 1-Click Registration you can register members to your free membership straight from your autoresponder quickly and in one click.

After installing the plugin, go to the Generator tab and select the relevant membership level, autoresponder and thank you page.

Then click to generate the registration link.

Now copy the autoresponder link and paste it in the email you want to send to your subscribers (the link can be a regular text or an image)

Once a subscriber will click on the link he will be automatically registered to your membership site.

That simple!

For more information go to Wishlist 1-Click Registration at HappyPlugins.com

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How to Automatically Register Email Subscribers to Your Membership Site?

If you have an email list and you are looking for an easy way to turn your email subscribers into members quickly in 1-click then with Wishlist 1-Click Registration you can easily achieve that.

Wishlist 1-Click Registration allows you to register new members / upgrade existing members to any free membership level straight from your autoresponder by doing only one action – clicking a link in your email.

Wishlist 1 Click Registration plugin supports all the autoresponders that have a built-in integration with Wishlist Member.

Benefits of Creating a Free Membership

  • Grow your email list easier with free membership
  • Engage your audience by providing quality content
  • Grow your community
  • Increase registration to your paid membership/s

How to Add the Registration Link to the Autoresponder?

Just generate the Autoreposnder registration link using Wishlist 1-Click Registration link generator and copy the link to any email you want to send to your email subscribers.

When a subscriber will click on the link he will be automatically registered and logged-in to the free membership and the login details will be sent to him by mail.

This is the Generator:

Wishlist 1-Click Registration Generator

For More Information

Check Wishlist 1-Click Registration


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Can I automatically add members to a free membership straight from the autoresponder?



you have a lot of addons, but what I am really looking for is the possibility that one subscribes to our Mailchimp basiclist and is than automatically added to a free course in Wishlist. I can’t find a solution for that. Do you know of existing something for that?

Best regards, Luc.”

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Wishlist Registration Widget Vs. Wishlist Member Registration Form

Wishlist Registration Widget Vs. Wishlist Member Regular Registration Form

Having a free membership on your membership site is, in my opinion, one of the most effective way to attract more paying members, since you give them an opportunity to be impressed by the quality and the value your free content, and you actually build their trust, and when your people trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

Wishlist Registration Widget was developed by our team to simplify the registration process for your free membership, and in that way to attract more visitors to register.

Wishlist Registration Form is the form that appears in this side to your right.

But what is the difference between Wishlist Registration Widget and Wishlist Member regular registration form?

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Should I give content away for free in my membership site?


Hi guys,

I own a paid membership site and I was thinking of giving some content away for free, but I’m not sure if I should because it may decrease the number of new members to my site.

I would love to know what you guys think about it.



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