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How to Increase Your WooCommerce Shop's Earnings by Granting Your WishList Members Special Discounts

How to Increase Your WooCommerce Shop’s Earnings by Granting Your WishList Members Special Discounts

Now you can finally grant your WishList Member members discounts on your WooCommerce shop’s products! The discount is calculated automatically and displayed only to members, while your regular customers will see the regular price.

Give your WishList Members discounts on your WooCommerce shop products, increase their loyalty and generate a lot more revenues from your online shop!

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Let’s say you have a WishList Member membership site on how to start a podcast called “The Podcast Master” with hundreds of members.

Now let’s say you also have an online shop (with WooCommerce) with products you sell, not only to members, but to anyone who wants to start a podcast, but isn’t registered to your membership site.

Products such as: Mind maps, checklists, mini courses etc.

Using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts you can choose to give your members discounts on the products you sell.

So customers who are not part of your membership site will pay the FULL price, while your members will enjoy a unique discount.

Here is an example…

You sell “Podcast Distribution & Marketing Checklists” through your Woo shop

The regular product price is – $40

Members product price is – $20

The discount is calculated automatically according to the member’s membership level.

You can even define different discounts for each membership level.

For example:

Free Membership price (instead of 40) > $30
Paid Membership price (instead of 40) > $20

Main Benefits:

By granting members with unique discounts on your woo products you will achieve 2 main benefits:

1 – Increase your members’ loyalty and retention

2 – Increase your overall revenues by encouraging purchases

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts plugin costs only &67 and you will see your return on your investment in no time!

All the information about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts in this link

Grant Your Members with Unique Discounts on WooCommerce Products

Grant Your Members with Unique Discounts on WooCommerce Products

Using WooCommerce and Wishlist Member? DON’T leave money on the table!!!!

Grant your Wishlist members with unique discounts on products you sell through your Woo online store and increase your overall sales and revenues instantly!

Using “Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts” plugin you can grant your members discounts!

Exclusive Features:

💲 The Price changes automatically to the discounted price
💲 Define a per-product discount
💲 Define a -per membership product
💲 Set any price you want
💲 Fixed vs. percentage price
💲 Supports multiple levels’ users

All the information about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts here

How to Sell Multiple Memberships in Once Checkout Process (4 Options)

How to Grant Unique Discounts for WooCommerce Products to Wishlist Members Only?

If you want to integrate Wishlist Member with WooCommerce, or if you have already integrated the 2 platforms, and you want to grant your members with unique discounts that regular customers cannot have then using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts plugin you can achieve just that!

Benefits of Granting Members with Unique Discounts

  • Increase sales and revenues of your membership site – Encourage regular customers to become members so they can enjoy unique discounts
  • Engage existing members – Make your members feel special and important by giving them unique discounts others don’t get

How to Set Unique Discounts to Members?

You can easily set your members discounts in 3 simple steps!

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts has very straight-forward settings and you can easily set your desired discounts for each WooCommerce product.

Follow these 3 simple steps to set your discounts:

  1. Go to the Products menu and click Edit on the relevant product
  2. Scroll down to the Product Data Meta box
  3. Go to the WL Members Discounts tab and set your discounts for the relevant membership levels

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts Exclusive Features

  • The Price Changes Automatically – The product’s price changes automatically according to the user’s status, so if he is a regular customer he will see that the product costs X and if he is also a member he will see price Y
  • Per-Product Discount – The products’ discounts are set per-product inside the product’s settings, this way you have full control over the price of each and every one of your products
  • Per Membership Level Discount – Not only are the discounts set per-product, but inside each product you can set different discounts to different membership levels
  • Set Any Price You Want (Lower / Higher) – You are not limited to only granting discounts, in the “Discount Amount” field you can choose ANY price you want, even a price that is higher than the regular product’s price, so for example:
    • Product’s regular price – $20
    • Basic level members pay – $25 / 125%
    • Premium level members pay – $15 / 75%
  • Fixed Price vs. Percentage Discount – You can choose to set a fixed-price discount or a percentage of the price according to your needs
  • Supports Multiple Levels Users – You can set the priority of each discount, so if your members are registered to more than one membership level they will get the discount according to the discount’s priority

For More Information

Check Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts


Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

Can I give discounts only to members and not to all customers using WooCommerce & Wishlist Member


I have integrated my Wishlist membership site with WooCommerce using your plugin Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus (BTW, I absolutely love your plugin!)

I want to be able to be able to give my members special discounts for purchasing other products I sell on my website (like merchandise, other physical stuff I sell etc.).

The thing is I want to give the discount only to members and not to all of my customers.

Is it possible to do it with your Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin in some way?

Looking forward to your answer.




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Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts [NEW PLUGIN]

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts [NEW PLUGIN]

Your Wishlist Member WooCommerce integration is just about to get WAY better with this new plugin…

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts is a unique plugin that allows you to grant existing members with special discounts for products you sell through your WooCommerce store based on the membership level they are registered to.

Your Benefit from Using the Plugin

The plugin is very versatile and there are many tactics to using it to increase your revenues. Here are few of the benefits:

1. Increase the registrations to your membership site

By granting unique discounts for members only, while regular customers will pay higher price) will encourage customers to register to your membership site

2. Encourage members to upgrade their membership

By granting bigger discounts to members of higher membership levels you will encourage your other members to upgrade their membership

3. Increase your overall sales & revenues

No matter which tactic you choose to implement on your audience, granting discounts only to specific groups of users will help you increase your overall sales and revenues

Main Features

These are the main features of Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts:

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