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Wishlist Member Tips Series

Tip #5 – Creating Membership Bundles with Wishlist Member

More and more people have come to realize the great potential in selling bundles and making a lot more money.

I have dedicated this post to bundles to show you how simple and easy it can be and how quickly you can increase your revenues.

Here are a few reasons why you should create bundles…

Why You Should Create Membership Bundles?

  • To allow members to register or purchase more than one product in only one action (one registration/ one purchase only)
  • To give members more options and packages
  • To allow discounts to members who purchase more than one product/ level
  • More options for your members = more revenues for you
  • To engage members faster by giving/selling them access to a lot more content at once

These are only several ideas how you can profit from creating bundles, but the sky is really the limit!

What You Get In This Post?

  • How to create bundles using Wishlist Member
  • How to check your bundles’ settings are correct
  • How to create advanced bundles options
  • Dealing with complex bundling options

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