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Wishlist Member Quick Video Series List

How to Increase Your Registration Rates by Giving Visitors a Sneak Peek to Your Membership Site

A very effective way to increase the registrations to your membership site is by giving your potential customers a sneak peek to what is going on inside your members’ area, for example:

  • Teaser content using the “read more” tag (all content before the tag, also known as “excerpt”)
  • The overall structure of the membership site, for example: if you are creating an online course, you can display the course syllabus and even how many lessons each module has
  • The current amount of members registered to the site and creating a social proof

In this video we show you how you can easily use different information to create a dynamic sneak peek to your members area using simple shortcodes:

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Does Wishlist Auto Registration Work with WooCommerce ?

If I enable protection in my Wishlist Member membership site how will non-member be able to see that the posts exist?


Hi Guys,

I want my non-member to be able to see that my existing protected posts so when they click on any of them they will be redirected to an error page, however, if I enable Wishlist protection then the posts completely disappear from the website. How can it be done?

Many thanks!


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