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How to Notify Members the Exact Time they will no Longer Have Access to Specific Content?

If you want to display members with specific content for limited time only and then change its protection settings so they will not be able to access it anymore then using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro you can do that and also notify members the content will not be available soon.

Benefits of Using Time-Limited Content:

If you completely deny access to the content after specific time – Create urgency for consuming the content

If you move the content to a higher membership level – Encourage members to upgrade their membership to continue to have continues access to the content

How to Display the Time until Protection Settings Change?

Just define the protections settings in the Wishlist Auto Protect Meta Box of the relevant post and add the shortcode : [ wlapp_time_until_change ] to the post itself and the time and date until the protection settings change will be displayed automatically.

For Example:

Post’s current protection setting – Non-protected

You have enabled the Wishlist Auto Protect Pro to protect the post in 1 day

The shortcode will display the time left until the content will become protected – In this case: “1 day 0 hours”

So you can add a sentence for example like this:

“This post will change before available for VIP members only in exactly [ wlapp_time_until_change ]. upgrade your membership now using this link (< link here)”

For More Information

Wishlist Auto Protect Pro allows you to change the following protection setting (From > To):

  • Unprotected > Protected (by level / pay-per-post)
  • Protected (by level / pay-per-post) > Unprotected
  • Protected by Level/s (free or paid) > Protected by other Level/s (free or paid)
  • Protected by pay-per-post/s (free or paid) > Protected by other pay-per-post/s (free or paid)
  • Protected by Level/s > Protected by Pay-per-post/s
  • Protected by Pay-per-post/s > Protected by Level/s

Check Wishlist Auto Protect Pro


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If I enable protection in my Wishlist Member membership site how will non-member be able to see that the posts exist?


Hi Guys,

I want my non-member to be able to see that my existing protected posts so when they click on any of them they will be redirected to an error page, however, if I enable Wishlist protection then the posts completely disappear from the website. How can it be done?

Many thanks!


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