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WishList Insider All Access Call Session 24 Webinar Replay

WishList Insider All Access Call Session 24 Webinar Replay

For those of you who have missed Wishlist Member’s February live webinar, the webinar replay is now available for the Wishlist Insider community members here.

In the webinar the Wishlist team answers questions related to membership sites asked by the Wishlist users.

This webinar was hosted by Tracy Childers, the owner of Wishlist Member and Wray Cullimore, Wishlist’s community manager.

The webinar takes place on a monthly basis, so as a member of Wishlist Insider you will be able to participate in these live webinars on a permanent basis and also ask your own questions.

Can the webinar help me?

The webinar is relevant for everyone who is building membership sites, whether he is building sites for clients or for himself.

The questions are in different topics and issues that can be very useful, even if you are a techie building membership sites for quite some time now. How can I get access to the webinar?

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Wishlist Insider

21 Membership Site Questions & Wishlist Insider All Access Call

Building a membership site does not end by choosing and installing the right software, like any other website, a membership site needs to be designed and configured right to suite your visitors.

You need to create a website that will attract new visitors every month, and more importantly, keep the existing members happy.

Just like we wrote on Wishlist Member review, although you can find many other plugins that will enable you to create a membership site on Wordpress, the one big thing that differentiated Wishlist Member from all the other plugins is the big community that works behind it.

This community is called Wishlist Insider and it’s a monthly membership site. Every month the Wishlist Insider team conduct a webinar to answer all the questions the community members have. Read more…

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