What is the difference between Wishlist Error Page Booster and Wishlist Member custom error page feature?



I was wondering if this plugin is absolute as far as errors pages…Wishlist now allows you to assign a custom error page to each protected page, post, and comment?

If that is true then the benefit of you plugin is the shortcode and layout of the short code, is that correct.

Tks, Jason


Hi Jason,

Wishlist Error Page Booster is not absolute at all, and after Wishlist added the new custom error pages feature, it’s even more powerful.

Creating a targeted error page for the visitors requested pages is very time consuming, especially if you have a lot of content on your website.

With Wishlist Error Page Booster you will be able to:

  1. Redirect your visitors to an error page according to the content protection level
  2. Display your visitors content / upgrade link according to the requested content protection level (this feature is exclusive to Wishlist Error Page Booster)

The plugin is working using shortcodes, so if you think creatively you can create customized unique error pages and the sky is the limit.

You can even use the plugin’s shortcodes in Wishlist custom error pages and make it even more powerful.

Go to Wishlist Error Page Booster Homepage 

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