10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Membership Site’s Profits

The internet is full of free content and services, but it doesn’t mean that people will not be willing to pay for what you offer. With a few simple tactics, you can tremendously increase the revenues from your membership site.

These are the 10 simplest ways you can do to increase your membership site’s revenues right now:

1. Believe in Your Service or Product

The first thing that you must ask yourself is whether or not you believe in your own product and if you would have been willing to pay for it. If you offer real value to people, you build their trust over time, and that is a very powerful thing. You will be able to offer new products and services to the same group of people over and over again and build a good reputation.

2. Deliver Top Quality Content

This is basically for the same reason I mentioned above. If you deliver excellent content then people would want to get more and more of it, and will even be willing to pay you for it. You really need to push your creativity to its limits and think of new extraordinary content that will blow your members away.

3. Have an Excellent Customer Support

One of the most important things is to offer fast and effective customer support. It’s important your members will know they can contact you with every problem they have. Not only is it important that you stand behind your product or service, but you really have an excellent opportunity here to make an excellent impression on your members and give them the best customer service you can.

Think about all the times you tried to contact other company’s customer support and no one answered your email, or you got a generic email that has nothing to do with your problem. You must have felt cheated right? It happens to me all the time. For me, someone who does not respond to my support ticket, or even worse, doesn’t even have a “Contact Us” on his website probably won’t see my money again.

4. Add Testimonials

Testimonials are important because they are actually a social proof to your potential members. If you can add picture of the person recommended your product or a short video that would be even better.

5. Give a Taste of Your Product or Service

This is a fantastic way of attracting more members. You can give them a free trial version of your service, a “sneak peak” to your course, a PDF file with the first chapter of your eBook etc. and make them want to consume more of it.

Don’t give away something that delivers no value at all, because you will end up losing new members.

6. Build a Community

Creating a community will create interaction between you and your members, and also between your members themselves. It will give them the chance to make partnerships, share ideas and learn from each other. The more you strength your members’ relations with one another, it is more likely they would not want to leave the community and as a result you will continue to earn reoccurring money.

There are many ways you can increase the interaction between your members, for example: set up a forum, a chat room, encourage them to comment on your posts and even arrange face to face meet-ups.

You can take for example Wishlist Insider community. The Insider’s community is very active and alive.

7. Offer Bonuses

Everyone loves getting bonuses, it’s physiological. Offer bonuses not only for new members, but also for existing members. You can even turn it into a Monthly Bonus or something like that. If you really give great bonuses then your members are less likely to cancel their subscription.

8. Offer Up-Sales

Don’t be afraid to do up-sales to your products because you may be thinking it’s too aggressive. Let your customers decide. Offer them complementary products and add a clear “No thank you” link or button so they will be able to pass on the offer if they are not interested.

9. Set Up a Free Membership Level

Giving your members good content for free is a great tactic to gain their trust. As I wrote above, don’t be afraid to give them truly valuable content, because it will help you build your brand and make you an authority in your field.
You don’t need to be an expert in your niche to be considered an authority; you just need to know more than your customers.

10. Deliver Your Content in Several Ways

Some people prefer consuming content by watching videos, others prefer reading long articles or listen to audio lessons on their way to work. The more possibilities you suggest to your members for consuming your content or service, the more likely they will consume it.

Your Turn to Speak

I would love to hear your opinion on each of the tactics and also if you have other tactics that work for you. 

About Dana Brown

I am a full-time internet marketer, I help people establish successful membership sites for about 3 years now. I am a project manager at HappyPlugins.com - An online store for WordPress and Wishlist Member plugins.

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