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Happy Plugins - Premium Plugins & Guides for eCommerce Sites

Premium Plugins & Guides for Wishlist Member

is a new eCommerce store with the most popular developed plugins so far.

The Happy Plugins team specializes in developing plugins for the WordPress, Wishlist Member, Easy Digital Download, Woo Commerce and S2Member platforms.

If you are using one or more of the above platforms then you should check out the store as you might find plugins you need.

Happy Plugins - Premium Plugins & Guides for eCommerce Sites

The Story Behind Happy Plugins

Happy Plugins was established in 2010 to provide custom developed plugins and extensions for clients on demand.

After developing many custom plugins we decided to establish an online store and sell our most popular ones in one place so other users will be able to use them.

The store currently includes over 20 different plugins and 10 premium guides we released according to our clients’ needs.

About the Plugins

Some of the plugins are for free download and some are paid.

All plugins are sold in 3 different licenses – Single/ 3/ 10 licenses to give you the option to pay only for what you need.

Every paid plugin also includes a detailed manual.

Check our plugins here

About the Guides

The store includes premium guides on certain topics, so you can consume only the information you need.

Each guide is priced at $30.

However, due to the popularity of the guides, we created special bundles with special discounts that range from $20 to $40.

Check our available bundles here

Special Promotions

Purchase 3 products or more and get 10% discount off your purchase.

New Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

New Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin is Coming Soon… But Only If You Really Want It…

After getting a lot of responses to the emails we sent where we asked for your help with new plugins and services ideas, 2 ideas came up many times:

1. Having the ability to display your members their registration date inside the members’ area

1.  Having the ability to display an expiration date (calculated from the registration date)

Developing this plugin is entirely up to you…

We have decided to put it on rolls and ask you all: How much do you really want this plugin?

But before we continue and let you know how you can support this plugins development, we want to give you more details about the plugin’s features:

Read more…

Wishlist Auto Registration

Wishlist Auto Registration – New Plugin Coming Soon!

We know that many of you have been waiting for a plugin that would register members to your membership site automatically.

After developing such a plugin and using it for our own personal use, we started getting emails about it from customers, so we decided to release the plugin for all of Wishlist Member users.

The plugin is called Wishlist Auto Registration and it will be available for Wishlist Member users who are using Clickbank or PayPal as their gateways.

Important Update!

Wishlist Auto Registration is Now Available!

Go to the plugin’s homepage here

By the way, we have opened a new store there we are selling all of our  Wishlist dedicated plugins.

You can check it out here

Wishlist Member Complete Review and Overview

WishList Member Plugin V2.8 Complete Review and Overview

*** Important Update:

Wishlist  has released their latest version 2.9 and we wrote a complete review and overview of the version.

Get the review of version 2.9 in this link

Wishlist Member is a WordPress plugin for creating membership sites.

By installing the plugin you turn your website into a complete functioning membership site very quickly and easily.

We have been working with Wishlist Member platform since its early days and it has tremendously improved over the years.

As for now, since the Wishlist team has released their latest version 2.8, it has become the most advanced and updated platform for building membership sites so far!

The Wishlist team is doing an amazing job in pushing their plugin forward and constantly upgrading and adjusting it to their clients’ needs.

After going through several plugins and platforms, we are confidant there is absolutely no other platform that will give you so much and help you build a professional and successful membership site.

We hope our thorough review and overview of Wishlist will help you make the best decision for your business.

Read more…


Change Users Roles for Wishlist Member

Change Users Roles for Wishlist Member is a very advanced and handy plugin. This plugin is one of those things you don’t know you need until you see it.

Before we try to explain what Change Users Roles does, lets try to explain what exactly users roles on WordPress is?

WordPress has built-in types users roles, each user role has its own capabilities and permissions.  As an example, we all know the administrator user role.

Important Update:

Change Users Role was a 3rd-party plugin and it appears that this plugin does not exist anymore.

We have created 2 unique resources that gather all the Wishlist Member dedicated plugins:

Wishlist Member Complete Repository

Wishlist Member Plugins Finder Wizard

Read more…

WishList CubePoints

WishList CubePoints Protection

WishList CubePoints could not be any simpler, and yet, it is an efficient way to produce good conversations within your community. Just by putting this plugin into play, you will be making great interactions with a lot of people before you know it.

So What Does This Do?

In a nutshell, the WishList CubePoints Protection Plugin can be used to control the privacy you have in your site simply by being able to protect your membership content. This will be based on the CubePoints each member has.

What Does That Mean?

Read more…

Wishlist Protector

Wishlist Protector Review

Wishlist Protector Plugin allows you to personalize content you show to each of your members.

Wishlist Protector will allow you to adjust a variety of aspects such as:

  • Using a different coupon code
  • Displaying personal message to welcome a member of a particular level
  • Uploading a video critique

You can also use Wishlist Protector Plugin to record media, such as online conferences and phone calls, and have them posted in a way that each member will see a personal video or some other content. Read more…

WP Drip

WP Drip

As the owner of many membership websites, one of the biggest problems I used to encounter with is retaining my existing members and making them want to renew their membership subscription month after month.

I started noticing that after about only one or two months of subscription, many of my subscribers stopped their renewal and left. This got me into one conclusion, that I was giving them all the professional material they needed on the spot, and I gave them no reason to continue their membership and get monthly updates.

WP Drip plugin helped me prevent this problem, by letting me drip the content slowly to my subscribers, I gave them a reason to continue the subscription, otherwise they wouldn’t get my upcoming posts.

*** Important Update (07/05/2015)

There are currently 3 dripping plugins for Wishlist Member.

Please read our tip: Tip #50: How to Drip Content using Wishlist Member & Which Option to Choose

*** We also recommend checking Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes plugin which is much a much robust plugin for content dripping.

Read more…

Wishlist Analytics

Wishlist Analytics Review

Wishlist Analytics, also called “Big Brother” plugin, lets you spy on what your members are doing in the members’ area.

With Wishlist Analytics You Will Know:

  • Which of your members watched the videos and do the tasks you uploaded for them.
  • What pages your members visited.
  • How long your members stayed on a certain page, and even if they are still surfing the page at the moment.

Wishlist Analytics is Great for Small and Big Membership Sites

Even if you have a small membership site, Wishlist Analytics can still be very helpful and benefit you in discovering which content you need to improve on your site in order to make it more attractive for your members. Read more…

Wishlist Widget Control

Wishlist Widget Control

UPDATE: Wishlist Widget Control is no longer available for purchase. Send us a quote request for custom development at http://wishlistmemberdevelopers.com or check out all the available plugins and extensions for Wishlist Member in the most thorough repository we built.

This plugin is not available for purchase anymore.

If you are interested in similar features, you can contact one of our developers for developing this kind of a solution for your exact specifications and requirements email us through the contact form on contact us page

Also, if you are looking to extend your WishList membership site with awesome features that will increase your sales and revenues make sure you check HappyPlugins.com

Wishlist Widget Control plugin allows you to display different widgets based on the membership level or based on the WordPress logical conditions.

This plugin is very simple but yet very powerful.

Wishlist Widget Control Features:

  • Control what widgets will be displayed  and when to display them
  • Supports all available widgets
  • Simple and straight forward settings

Read more…

Wishlist Smart Shortcodest - Improve your Membership Site
This Website is Using Wishlist Memers Count to Increase Members Registration
Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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