Can WooCommerce shopping cart be used with Wishlist Member pay per post feature?

Can WooCommerce shopping cart be used with Wishlist Member pay per post feature?


“Can we use WooCommerce shopping cart for pay per post (as well as your plugin for ppp)? Thanks, Bill”


Hi Bill,

As for Wishlist Member Integration for WooCommecre plugin, it is possible to use their add-on for the pay-per-post feature, however, it has limitations.

The problem is that customers cannot buy both levels and paid posts that are under the pay-per-post protection in the same purchase.

For example: if a customer adds to the cart 4 products in that order: Level product > Pay-per-post product > level product > and another pay-per-post product.

the customer will be added only to the first level membership and all other products will not be associated to the member, and he will not have access to them, even though he paid the full amount. You will need to add the products to the member manually.

To solve this problem and enhance the Wishlist Member WooCommerce integration we have developed a plugin that not only allows you to sell both levels and paid posts in the same purchase, but it also includes exclusive features such as: support for recurring payments, create membership products in one click and more.

The plugin is called Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus and you can get more information about it in this link

As for our plugin Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes, it is a Wishlist Member based plugin and will work regardless of the WooCommerce add-on.

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