Check Your Connection to Wishlist Member Plugin API [Free Plugin]

Wishlist Member API Testing is a free plugin that allows you to test that the connection to Wishlist Member external API is working correctly in real-time.

In this post we go over important information regarding the Wishlist Member API connection, why you should test that it is indeed working correctly, what are the reasons that can cause the API not to work, who is behind the plugin and how you can download it for free.

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Why You Should Check Your Connection to Wishlist Member API?

  1. To make sure Wishlist Member API is working and functioning correctly
  2. API connection error will make 3rd party plugins not to work
  3. Shorten the time it takes to troubleshoot any issues and problems which are caused due to Wishlist Member API problems

Why Can Wishlist Member API not Work?

Wishlist Member external API is calling a specific URL that was designed by Wishlist Member to accept API requests.

In order not to accept any request Wishlist Member needs to authenticate the API call using the Wishlist Member API Key (which is defined in Wishlist Member settings).

After the API connection is established and authenticated an API request can be made.

The Wishlist Member API call can fail because of the main following reasons:

  • The API was not authenticated correctly
  • The API call is getting a result from the cache and only the first API call succeeds and all the following calls will fail
  • Plugin conflict with caching or security plugins that are installed on the WordPress installation or on your server. These plugins prevent the URL call and cause the API request to fail
  • Server or PHP settings that prevent the API from being authenticated correctly
  • DNS servers or CDN services than can cache or redirect the API URL to an incorrect URL, causing the Wishlist Member API not to be authenticated correctly and fail

These are only few of the reasons that can cause a problem. Because it’s impossible to predict the results or isolate the cause in all cases we have created this plugin which identify that there is some kind of a problem with the Wishlist Member external API.

How Wishlist Member API Testing Plugin Works?

Wishlist Member is required in order to use Wishlist Member API Testing plugin.

Here are the steps to using Wishlist Member API Testing plugin:

  1. Download Wishlist Member API Testing plugin from
  2. Install and activate it on your Wishlist Member membership site
  3. Go to the Tools menu > Wishlist Member API Testing and see if you are getting any error messages

Connection is Working Screenshot

Here is an example of what the plugin will display when the connection is working:

Wishlist Member API Testing OK

Connection is not Working Screenshot

Here is an example of what the plugin will display when the connection is not working (the notification in red):

Wishlist Member API Testing Error

Who Developed Wishlist Member API Testing?

The plugin was developed by one of the certified Wishlist Member developers who are also behind all the Wishlist Member dedicated plugins sold at HappyPlugins – An online store for membership sites and eCommerce plugins.

All of our certified Wishlist Member developers have vast knowledge and experience with both Wishlist Member and WordPress code.

How Can I Get Wishlist Member API Testing?

As written in the beginning, Wishlist Member API Testing is a completely free plugin and you can download it directly from the repository.

The only thing we would appreciate is an honest feedback on the plugin’s page and your help to spread the word about it in your favorite social networks.

Thanks in advance! 🙂

About Bob Tolbert

User of Wishlist Member starting from the early versions, developed many membership websites for clients. My specialty is coding and special projects and tasks. I love wind surfing and long walks. Bob is also the development department manager at | Plugins & Guides for eCommerce Websites

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