Clickbank Redirection for Clickbank Vendors – New Plugin Release

Clickbank Redirection is a unique WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to use Clickbank as your affiliate program, but also manage your sales through other shopping carts for sales that are not generated through an affiliate link.

Using Clickbank Redirection your affiliates are covered and can rest assure they will get their commissions even if you sell your product through other payment gateways for all other visitors who hadn’t come through Clickbank affiliate link.

How the Plugin Works?

Visitors who come to your site through an affiliate link will be redirected to a page you define inside the plugin that will include Clickbank buy buttons.

Visitors who come to your site through a regular link (non-affiliated) will be able to purchase through any other shopping carts you choose.

How Can You Benefit by Using the Plugin?

1. Pay Lower Fees for Non-Affiliated Sales

Though Clickbank is a solid affiliate network, their fees are not so low for vendors (7.5% plus $1 for every sale). By using several payment gateways you can pay lower fees for your non-affiliated sales.

2. Lower Refund Rates

Clickbank is a well known network, especially in the MMO field. When a customer asks for a refund, Clickbank automatically approves it, without giving the vendor a chance to try and clarify things with the customer.

For that reason, many customers ask for a refund with no justified reason and without contacting the support first, and in many cases, get to keep the product (if it is not protected in a license system).

As a Clickbank vendor you probably know how annoying that is.

By using several payment gateways, you can significantly lower your refund rates.

3. Protect Your Affiliates’ Commissions

Affiliates would want to continue promoting you if you protect their interests and you will be able to increase your exposure and revenues.

More information on Clickbank Redirection here 

Clickbank Redirection Settings Tab Screenshot

Clickbank Redirection’s settings are very simple and easy to define in the Setting tab as seen in the screenshot below:

Clickbank Redirection Footer Link

You will be able to guarantee your affiliates’ commissions and reassure them that their affiliate links are safe automatically.

When activating the plugin, a link in the footer will appear “Your Affiliate Links are Protected using Clickbank Redirection” as seen in this screenshot:


Clickbank Redirection Affiliates Certificate

The link will redirect the affiliates to a sub-domain inside and will display them a certificate as seen below with your site’s name and URL, so they will know their affiliates are protected:


How Do You Use the Plugin?

The plugin is very easy to use:

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Go to the “Settings” tab
  3. Choose the pages you want to redirect (under “Sales Pages”)
  4. Choose the redirection page for visitors coming through Clickbank affiliate link (under “Redirection Page”)

You can find all the information, FAQs and more inside our new plugins’ store – Happy Plugins 

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