How to manage membership cancellations through ClickBank?


“Do you have a plugin that handles cancellations when someone cancels through ClickBank or another shopping cart?

Right now when someone cancels it immediately cancels their membership, even if the person has another few weeks before the renewal date.”



Hi Seth,

No, we don’t have a plugin that can preform this process as the problem relies in ClickBank’s notification system.

Unlike many payment gateways that send 2 notifications: one when the subscription is cancelled and one when the subscription reaches the end of time, ClickBank only sends one notification when the subscription is cancelled, so there is no way to know when the membership really needs to be cancelled.

We do have a plugin, however, that sends an email to the admin when a subscription is cancelled (not ended) in ClickBank, that way you can manage the cancellations more easily.

The plugin is called Wishlist ClickBank Cancel Notifications and you can find more information about it in this link:

Wishlist ClickBank Cancel Notifications

We also developed a plugin for PayPal that includes 2 notifications:

  • When the member cancels his subscription
  • When the member reaches the “end of time” period

You can get more information about Wishlist PayPal Cancel Notifications in this link:

Wishlist PayPal Cancel Notifications

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