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Wishlist First Login Redirection Plugin

Wishlist First Login Redirection [NEW PLUGIN]

When defining your membership site’s settings you can choose the page members will be redirected to every time they login to the members’ area.

The default page is the Dashboard, however, you can change it to any other page by going to Settings » Configuration » System Pages:

Wishlist Member after Login Redirection

Wishlist First Login Redirection allows you to redirect new members who login to the site for the first time to a different page.

Wishlist First Login Redirection Main Features

  • Per membership level redirection – Choose a first login redirection page for each membership level separately
  • New level redirection – Allows you to redirect the member to the first login page again when he is added to a new membership level
  • Long absence redirection – Redirect to the first login page if the member has not logged-in to the members’ area for any number of days you define in the settings

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How to Sell Multiple Memberships in Once Checkout Process (4 Options)

How to Display Statistics about the No. of Members in Real Time?

One of the tactics you can use to boost the registrations to your membership site is to give your potential customers a “sneak peek” to what is going on inside the members’ area by providing statistic information such as:

  • How many active members there are
  • How many members have cancelled their membership so far
  • How much modules there are in every module / membership level
  • etc.

Using Wishlist Smart Shortcodes plugin you can display visitors with real-time statistic information and create a powerful social proof, including: the total number of active / cancelled / unique member or the number of members in a specific membership level.

You can also display the total number of posts, pages and even categories in specific membership levels to emphasize the size and structure of your membership site’s content.

Benefits of Displaying Statistic Information:

  • Social proof – The higher the number of active members you have the greater the impact of the number is
  • Low cancellation rate – If you have few cancelled members only that can definitely say something about the quality of the content and the satisfaction of your members
  • Sneak peak to the structure / syllabus – Displaying the number of modules / posts exist in every level can help people take action, especially if you have good amount of content

How to Use the Plugin?

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes contains over 30 different shortcodes that display different types of content.

Just insert the relevant shortcode to any post or page and that’s it, the information will be automatically displayed.

For Example: 

To display all the active members in a specific level in your membership site you need to add the shortcode: [ wlss_total_active_members_in_all_levels ]

The number will automatically be displayed and will change dynamically according to the number of active members that will be added .

For More Information:

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Wishlist Member Tips Series

Tip#64: How to Organize Massive Amounts of Content within Your Membership Site?

As your membership site grows and you have plenty of content your membership site may start to look cluttered and unorganized, and your members will find it very difficult to find the content they need.

If you are dealing with this issue, or if you want to prevent this mess and clutter before it gets there and save yourself time and hassles, this tip is exactly for you.

Table of Contents

What You Get From this Tip?

In this tip we go over 5 different methods to handling content within your membership site.

This tip is highly important if you are planning on building a big membership site that will contain a lot of content or if you already have a big membership site and you are looking for ways to improve its flow and structure to increase members’ stickiness and engagement.

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