The Complete Plugins Repository for Empowering Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

Many of our clients have asked us if there is one place that gathers all the available plugins for Wishlist Member.

We believe this kind of a repository is very important for everyone who is using Wishlist Member.

There are some very powerful plugins that can really help you empower your membership site and increase your revenues.

We are happy to announce The Complete Repository for Wishlist Dedicated Plugins.

Here are Answers to Questions You May Find Helpful:

These are the most common questions we got from clients about the repository:

What will I find in the repository?

The repository includes all the plugins, extensions and guides for Wishlist member plugin.

Who developed these plugins?

The repository includes plugins developed by:

  • The Wishlist Member themselves
  • Our own team of Wishlist certified developers (plugins by: HappyPlugins) – You may know some of the plugins we developed such as: Wishlist Auto Registration and Wishlist Registration Widget.
  • Other companies who developed plugins for Wishlist such as CaseProof and PluginResults.

Who supports the plugins?

The owner of the plugin is the one providing support for the plugin.

You can find the plugin’s owner written under the plugin’s title inside the repository.

Is the repository updated?

The repository is updated on a monthly basis by our team.

Can I add products to the repository?

Of course, if you know of other plugins who are Wishlist dedicated that are not included in the repository, please contact us through this link and we will add the plugin.

Got more questions about the repository?

Please contact us through this link and we will get back to you shortly.

We Need Your Help!

Our goal is that this repository will reach to as many relevant people as possible.

If you know of other Wishlist users who may be looking for different solutions for their membership site, please share this post with them.

Also, please share it through your active social networks using the social icons to your left.

Here is the link to the complete repository again

We hope you enjoy it!

The Wishlist Member Plugins team 

About Bob Tolbert

User of Wishlist Member starting from the early versions, developed many membership websites for clients. My specialty is coding and special projects and tasks. I love wind surfing and long walks. Bob is also the development department manager at | Plugins & Guides for eCommerce Websites


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