Get Levels Shortcode for Wishlist Member

Get Level Shorcode Using Wishlist MemberWhen you deliver content to your members, as a site owner, you might find it a difficult task to personalize how much content you can give to members of specific levels or even to users who are not logged in to your site.

The Get Levels Shortcode Extension makes this an easy task as you can easily retrieve the exact shortcode you need to deliver content to a particular kind of user.

Some of the different shortcodes this plug-in was designed to create are the following:

  • Shortcodes which will be used to deliver content for visitors who are not logged in
  • Shortcodes for delivering content to particular membership levels. Note that the level may be defined by their respective names or by the SKU
  • Shortcodes in order to exclude content from specific levels. This will come in handy if you want to limit the contents that will be made available to those of lower levels, and those who are just free users

Aside from those general functions of the Get Levels Shortcode Plug-In, it can also be utilized directly from the sidebar. The site owner will also be able to personalize the message a user will see if he is trying to access content that is restricted for someone of his particular level. Lastly, this extension can also be used to create customized PHP Template Tags for your membership site.

Get Levels Shortcode Plug-In Overall Impression

This extension is definitely very useful in handling content delivery especially for membership site owners who have multiple membership levels in their site. Rather than having to adjust a whole lot of different settings and going the extra mile, this plug-in will get such a task done easily.

Get Levels Shortcodes is not available anymore. Please check Wishlist Member Smart Shortcodes plugin that provides you with 32 unique shortcodes to empower your membership site. 

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  1. Thank you for the information. I was looking for this kind of plugin.

  2. Thanks for the information. I was looking for this kind of plugin. Great website by the way 🙂

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