Wishlist Member Registration Form vs. Wishlist Registration Widget Form

Having an attractive eye-ball catching registration form on your membership site is one of the most important things that will help you grow your membership site and get much more new members.

It’s simple, if you want to make more visitors to register to your site then you need to provide them with a form that won’t scare them away.

If you already have a Wishlist Member membership site, you already know how the registration form works and looks like.

A few months ago we decided to develop a new and different registration form to see if we can increase our membership sites’ registration CTR.

We were truly amazed with the results, the percentage of new members had increased in over 40%, so we decided to give other Wishlist Member membership sites owners the opportunity to get these results ans we released it to the market.

The registration form is simply called Wishlist Registration Widget and you can read below about the differences between Wishlist Member regular form and our registration form.

Registration Forms Comparison Table

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus
(by HappyPlugins)
Wishlist Member WooCommerce Integration
(by WooThemes)
Supports Membership Levels
Supports Pay-per-Post Feature
Partly (Members cannot buy levels and posts in the same purchase)
Easy Installation & Configuration
Create Membership Products
Allows Auto Registration After Completing the Purchase
Support for Recurring Payments
Membership Products Summary Table

Regular Wishlist Member Registration Form Screenshot

Wishlist Registration Widget Form

Would You Like a Registration Form That:

1. Can be placed anywhere you want on your membership site?

2. Has only 2 fields (username + email)?

3. Has a real-time form validation?

With Wishlist Registration Widget you can have all these features to immediately increase your membership site’s registration rates.

Go to Wishlist Registration Widget Homepage 

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  1. Jen, am I able to hide the username field and have iybautofill behind the scenes with a user’s email? I would like my registration to only include

    First Name

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