Manage Your Membership Site Effectively With Wishlist Protection Display Plugin

Wishlist Protection Display

Wishlist Protection Display adds a protection level column to your posts and pages’ tables, and gives you a thorough overview of your content’s protection status without the need to enter each post or page individually.

The protection status will be displayed by 4 simple icons.

When moving your mouse on each icon, a tool tip will pop, and when clicking the icon you will be redirected to the corresponding Wishlist protection settings.

The Available Icons

Wishlist Protection Display Icons

Watch the Short Video Overview

More information on Wishlist Protection Display here

Wishlist Protection Display Screenshots

How Will You Benefit by using the Plugin?

1. Prevent crucial protection errors

The error sign will notify you if you haven’t defined with the protection settings correctly.

Preventing errors will keep your members happy (they will have no problems accessing your content) and save you time answering support tickets.

2. Save tremendous amount of time managing your membership site

Easily manage your protection settings by taking a brief glance in the posts/ pages tables, without the need to enter each post individually.

Just think of the amount of time you will be saving, especially if your website’s back end’s loading time is very slow or if you have a lot of content.

3. Get important statistic data

See the “big picture” of your membership site’s protected content, get accurate information about your protected vs. unprotected content and balance it according to your needs.

More information on Wishlist Protection Display here

I Do You Use the Plugin?

Wishlist Protection Display is very easy to use, just upload and activate it and the protection level column will be automatically displayed in the “All Posts” / “All Pages” tables in WordPress menu.

How Can You Get More Information about the Plugin?

You can get more information about Wishlist Protection Display, including: FAQS, requirements for using the plugin and more in our new online plugins’ store – Happy Plugins 

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