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Wishlist Member Tips Series

Tip #66: bbPress vs. SimplePress – Which Forum to Integrate with Wishlist Member?

There are only few plugins that integrate with Wishlist Member, among them are bbPress and SimplePress.

Many of our clients are asking for our advise on which plugin has a better integration with Wishlist Member and which is more recommended.

That is exactly why we created this tip, to help our customers and all Wishlist Member users get important information before choosing their forum platform, as switching between platforms with hundreds of active users can be very daunting afterwards.

What You Get From this Tip?

In this tip we go over the pros and cons of using bbPress vs. SimplePress

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Wishlist Member Quick Video Series List

How to Integrate Wishlist Member and bbPress the Right Way!

bbPress is one of the most popular forum platforms, and we noticed that many of our clients tried to integrate bbPress with their Wishlist Member membership site, but noticed that the integration does not work 100% .

The Problems with Integrating Wishlist Member & bbPress

If you have already tried to integrate your membership site with bbPress forum you may have discovered that:

1. It is not possible to protect topics and replies created by your forum members automatically.

This means that you must enter each and every topic and reply and change their protection settings manually… Quite impossible to maintain and manage.

It also means that whenever a non-member will try to access the direct link of a topic / reply he will be able to see its content.

2. It’s not possible to protect the main forum’s index page, I.E: http://yourdomain.com/forums

If you want to prevent non members from even having the ability to access the main forums’ page, then just by integrating Wishlist Member and bbPress you cannot do it.

That is exactly why we developed Wishlist bbPress Protection plugin, as it solves these exact issues and more.

In the short video tutorial below you can get a quick overview of Wishlist bbPress Protection and get a close look at its features and how easy it is to activate and use:

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Does Wishlist Member Integrate with Premium Web Cart?

Wishlist Member bbPress Integration Possible?



I want to add a forum to my membership site, I am using Wishlist Member plugin and was wondering if it’s possible to integrate the two of them together. I couldn’t find any unambiguous answers anywhere.

Also, if it’s not possible to integrate Wishlist and bbPress, could you recommend me on a different forum that does?

Thanks in advance,


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Wishlist Member Tips Series

Tip #18: Which Forums Integrate with Wishlist Member?

A very common question among our clients is what forum plugin integrates with Wishlist Member.

We gathered for you some of the plugins that integrate with Wishlist Member.

Using a forum that integrates with your membership site will allow you to manage your protection settings, grant access by membership level, allow access only to registered users and more.

What You Get in This Tip?

  • The popular forum plugins that integrate with Wishlist Member
  • Links to guidelines on how to integrate each
  • Important note about Wishlist Member and bbPress integration

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