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Wishlist Member Tips Series

Tip #34: 7 Powerful Tactics to Creating Urgency & Get a Lot More Registrations to Your Wishlist Membership Site

Urgency is a great way to help people make a decision faster, however, there is one important thing you should always remember… Don’t make false statements.

If you are giving away a special prize for early-birds registrations / give time-limited offers etc. then you must block these offers when in the time or date you specified, otherwise people will no longer believe you and the “urgency” you want to create will not have the same effect the next time…

Here are 7 killer urgency tactics to help you BOOST your registrations and increase your sales.

What You Get in the Tip?

  • 7 powerful tactics that will create urgency in your potential clients, increase the registrations to your membership site, sales and revenues
  • 7 different Wishlist Member dedicated plugins to help you create each of the urgency tactics

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Tip #34: 7 Powerful Tactics to Creating Urgency & Get a Lot More Registrations to Your Wishlist Membership Site

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Wishlist Points - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

Wishlist Points

Wishlist Points is one very powerful plugin, maybe even the most powerful one the Wishlist team has released so far.

Wishlist Points a gamification plugin that allows your members to earn points based on different actions they perform inside your membership site.

Gamification has a huge psychological effect on the human mind, and it drives people to perform different actions in order to be granted with points.

Wishlist Points allows you to award points for different activities your members do:

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