Wishlist Member API Key – Explianed


Wishlist Member has a large and easy to use API commands, these commands allow you or any developer to extend the Wishlist Member core functions.

All plugins or scripts that want to interact with Wishlist Member like the plugins that we develop and sell on happyplugins.com (our online store) use the Wishlist Member API in one way or another.

Because the Wishlist Member API allows preforming many actions, including adding and removing members / levels, or even change the protection of a specific content, the access to these commands should be authorized and well protected to prevent external visitors access it and hack your website.

To prevent this Wishlist Member includes a special API key that needs to be used with any external API call. The caller (in most cases a script or a plugin) needs to authorize itself in every external API call by using the Wishlist Member API key. 

When if you installed Wishlist Member for the first time, a new API is automatically generated and saved into the Wishlist Member settings.

You can change the API any time you want, but should be aware that you are using external scripts that use that API key that will stop working until you updated the new API key in them as well.

To change the Wishlist Member API just go to the Wishlist Member >> Settings » Configuration » Miscellaneous.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to the find the Wishlist Member API key.

Wishlist Member API key

When you choose a new API key for Wishlist Member please use a complex key to prevent the chances the external person will be able to guess it.

You can find more information on Wishlist Member API on the Wishlist Member API codex documentation.

If you are interested in specific solutions for your Wishlist Member membership site and don’t know how to use the API (or just don’t want to start and learning it now) you can contact our developers at: Wishlist Member Developers website and ask for a quote for your specific needs.


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User of Wishlist Member starting from the early versions, developed many membership websites for clients. My specialty is coding and special projects and tasks. I love wind surfing and long walks. Bob is also the development department manager at HappyPlugins.com | Plugins & Guides for eCommerce Websites

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