Wishlist Member Tips about Maximizing the Error Pages for Conversions

If you are still using the default Wishlist Member error pages text or if you are looking for ways to design your error pages to maximize your conversion rates then the following tips are exactly for you:

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Tip #61: Convert Your Pay Per Post Error Pages into an Asset

If you are using Wishlist Member pay-per-post feature you probably realized that the Wishlist Member error page that is displayed to a member or a visitor that does not have access to the content is the general error page (which is defined inside the Wishlist Member settings).

It is very important that your error page will drive the potential customer to purchase the content that he is trying to view.

A good error page should include content that is relevant to the content the visitor tried to view.

Because Wishlist Member only supports one error page when using pay-per-post, it is impossible to create an error page that will suit and be relevant to all your pay-per-post content using Wishlist Member alone.

What You Get From this Tip?

In this tip we go over how you can create a dynamic error page for your pay-per-posts to convert more visitors to members and maximize your revenues.

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Tip #52: How to Know Which of Your Protected Content Non-Members Tried to Access?

I already discussed about the importance of the error pages to increasing your registration rates and revenues in the tips below:

But what if I told you that there is a way to know the exact pages your non-members tried to access?

Knowing your most popular protected content that attracts the highest number of visitors can help you understand what type of content they are looking for, create more of it and increase the chances of them to convert into members.

This tip is short but very useful, so if you still don’t know what is you most attractive protected content among non-members, you don’t want to miss this tip.

What You Get From The Tip?

In this tip I go over exactly how to know what content attracts your non-members the most, so you can then go and create more of this content and maximize your registration rates and revenues.

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Tip #49: How to Design Your Membership Site’s Error Pages to Increase Conversions

The error page is a very important part of every membership site as people who land on an error page clearly found your content interesting enough to click and try to enter it.

By designing your error page properly you can increase your conversion rates and your revenues tremendously.

What You Get in the Tip?

In this tip we give you 4 different error pages designs for your membership site, including real examples used by some of the most popular membership sites nowadays.

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Tip #4: 3 Components to Creating a Killer Error Page to Increase Your Revenues

Are you looking for ways to increase your membership site’s registration rates and revenues?

If you own a membership site, then the error page is one of the pages you should definitely not ignore.

It can have a major effect on your membership site’s conversion rates.

What You Get From The Tip?

  • The types of people that can come across your error page
  • The 3 must-have components for your error page
  • What plugin make your error page super targeted for your potential members

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