Wishlist Member Tips about Pricing Your Membership Site

Choosing the right pricing model/s for your membership site is a very important aspect that can have a major effect over your overall sales and revenues.

In this post we have collected important tips from our Wishlist Member Tips Series that talk about how to price your membership site, including using trial periods, free / paid membership, subscription-based etc.

Table of Contents

Tip #58: Free vs. Paid Trial Period for Your Membership Site

Trial periods have become a very popular tactic to attracting new members, and many membership sites’ owners are already implementing this tactic.

Some offer free trials and some offer paid trial, but which converts more trial members to full paying members?

What You Get From this Tip?

In this tips we give you our insights to why, on the one hand, you should go with a free trial, why on the other hand, you should go with a paid trial and which option to choose.

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Tip #56: Monthly vs. Annual Subscription – Which is More Converting?

Some clients prefer to pay on a monthly basis and some prefer to pay on an annual basis, but which option is more converting for your audience?

What You Get From this Tip?

In this tip we go over the pros and cons of monthly subscription vs. annual subscription and which option is the most suitable for your business and audience.

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Tip #41: Pricing Your Membership Site – Annual vs. Monthly Charges

Many of our clients deliberate whether they should charge their members on a monthly basis or on an annual basis.

What You Get From this Tip?

In this post we go over the pros of each pricing option and our recommendation for our members.

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Tip #23: 5 Powerful Models to Pricing Your Membership Site

Many of our clients find it difficult to find the right pricing model for their membership site.

When I write “the right pricing model” I mean the pricing model who will boost their registration rates, increase their retention rates and generate them the highest revenues for a long period of time.

This is the exact reason why we created this post…

What You Get in This Tip?

  • 5 of the most powerful membership sites’ models you can use to increase your revenues
  • The pros and cons of every pricing model
  • Examples of websites using each model

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Tip #21: Monthly Membership Subscription vs. Limited No. of Payments

What is the best payment option – recurring monthly subscription or limited number of payments?

Well… Every method you choose has its pros and cons, and there is no such thing “the best option”.

It really depends on the type of membership site you are building and what you are offering.

What You Get in This Tip?

In this tips I’ll share with you the main pros and cons of each payment method to help you choose the most suitable method for your membership site.

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