Wishlist Member Tips about Increasing Your Registration Rates

If you are looking for new ways to increase the registration rates to your membership site then the following tips are exactly for you:

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Tip #46: How to Shift Paying Members from Membership Site A to Membership Site B?

If you ever thought of shifting subscribed members that are paying you on a monthly basis from one membership site to a new one, then you probably found out that though it is definitely possible, it does require some planning so the transaction will be as smooth as possible for your members.

Sometimes it is necessary to shift members to a new membership site, and in this tip we go over all the options to do it the right way.

What Yo Get in the Tip?

  • In this tip we go over 2 relatively simple and easy options to add subscribed members to a new membership site
  • The downside of each option
  • 2 ways to adding members to the membership site fast
  • Important things to know when adding members in each way
  • How to shift members from membership site A to membership site B in 1-Click!

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Tip #45: Reasons Why You Should Limit the Registration Capacity to Your Membership Site

Have you ever thought about limiting the registration capacity to your membership site?

If not, than you really should read this week’s tip as in this tip we give you 3 very important reasons why you should limit the registration capacity and how it can actually increase both your registration and retention rates.

What You Get In This Tip?

  • 3 Important Reasons to Limiting Your Registration Capacity
  • How Increasing the Registration Capacity will Help Increase Your Registration & Retention Rates
  • How Can You Limit the Registration Capacity Using Wishlist Member?

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Tip #34: 7 Powerful Tactics to Creating Urgency & Get a Lot More Registrations to Your Wishlist Membership Site

Urgency is a great way to help people make a decision faster, however, there is one important thing you should always remember… Don’t make false statements.

If you are giving away a special prize for early-birds registrations / give time-limited offers etc. then you must block these offers when in the time or date you specified, otherwise people will no longer believe you and the “urgency” you want to create will not have the same effect the next time…

Here are 7 killer urgency tactics to help you BOOST your registrations and increase your sales.

What You Get in the Tip?

  • 7 powerful tactics that will create urgency in your potential clients, increase the registrations to your membership site, sales and revenues
  • 7 different Wishlist Member dedicated plugins to help you create each of the urgency tactics

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Tip #32: Top 10 Powerful Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugins to Empower Your Membership Site

Using Wishlist Member you can build many membership sites models.

No matter which one of the models you decide to build, the list of Wishlist Member dedicated plugins that you will probably need to have on your membership site.

What You Get in the Tip?

In this tip we have collected the top 10 Wishlist Member dedicated plugins that will make you more money by:

  • Increasing your registration rates
  • Increasing your retention rates
  • Engaging your members

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Tip #28: 5 Powerful Tactics to Increase the Registration Rates to Your Membership Site

In just a few months we were able to increase the registration rates to WishlistMemberPlugins.net website in more than 500% using some simple yet powerful tactics.
In this tip we have collected 5 of these tactics and gathered them in this tip…

If you are looking for new ways to increase the registrations to your membership site then this tip is definitely for you.

What You Get in This Tip?

In this tip we go over 5 simple yet powerful tactics to increasing the registrations to your membership site

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Tip #19: 7 Powerful Tactics That Increased Our Revenues in 500%

Obviously, every business owner is constantly looking for ways to increase his revenues.

In the last year we have made some very important changes that help us grow our earnings in over 500%.

These tactics are not limited to membership sites, however, if you are running a monthly-based subscription business, these tactics are even more powerful.

What You Get in This Tip?

In this tip we gathered 7 of the most powerful tactics that helped us and are still helping us increase our revenues tremendously.

This is a post you son’t want to miss, we can promise you that!

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Tip #15: Must Have Tactics for Your Mailing List to Increase Your Conversion Rates

If you are still not sending emails to your subscribers on a regular basis then you are definitely missing out on new potential customers and members.

The benefits of delivering automatic emails are huge:

  • More traffic to your membership site/ blog/ website etc.
  • More engaged subscribers
  • Higher retention rates
  • More exposure to your and your services
  • Higher conversion rates

What You Get in this Tip:

Discover 5 must have tactics to implement when creating your autoresponders

How to keep better track of your autoresponders and newsletters results

One simple tactic that will help you grow your autoresponders’ list easily

How to register members to your membership site automatically and in 1 click only straight from your autoresponder!

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Tip #6 – One Simple Trick to Preventing Duplicate and Incomplete Registrations

Many membership sites owners who are using Wishlist Member are facing the same problems regarding the registrations to their site: Duplicate and Incomplete registrations.

These technical problems can “force” you to dedicate too much time and resources to fixing them.

And as your membership site gets bigger and has more members, it becomes a real annoyance.

But there is a way to solve this issue.

Actually, there is more than one way as you are about to discover inside the post.

What You Get In This Post?

In this we go over:

  • The main problem that is causing you duplicate and incomplete registrations
  • How you can save this problem changing 1 simple settings inside Wishlist Member
  • How to fully automate the registration process to your membership site

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Tip #1 – Switching from Wishlist’s Old Registration Form to the New One


In the first tip we will talk about the difference between Wishlist’ old registration form vs. the new one and how to switch to the new registration form.

One problem with Wishlist Member’s registration form was that many members hadn’t noticed the “existing member, please click here” option and went straight to creating a new account.

This may sound strange to you that people miss this big red-boxed notification, but they did, which created many technical problems for membership sites owners such as:

Duplicate registrations for existing members who create another account

Incomplete registrations for new members who skip this stage or abandon the page.

In version 2.8 the Wishlist team has improved the registration form to a more user-friendly one.

In this Tip You Will Discover:

  • What is the big difference between the old vs. the new registration form
  • The trick that the new registration form has to lower incomplete and duplicate registrations
  • How to switch to the new registration form
  • How to automate the registration process completely

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