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On April 3, 2012
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WP Clicks records your visitors actions on your site. This is a very cool plugin that helped increase my sites' revenues in over 40%.

WP Clicks is an awesome plugin you would not want to miss, trust me on that! WP Clicks is a WordPress plugin that lets websites owners view real-time recordings of what their users are looking for in their website.

I am only using WP Clicks for about 3 month now, and I was already able to come to interesting conclusions and adjust some of my websites to generate more revenue. The ability of spying after my visitors is just so interesting and educating.

I strongly recommend you to try WP Clicks for yourself if you want to make more money from your websites.

What Makes WP Clicks beyond Compare

WP Clicks will show you exactly what your visitors are doing while visiting your site through video recordings (the video recordings have unlimited storage, by the way). Once you know your visitors are doing, you will be able to monetize your website and improve your CTR immediately.

Other analytics programs are very difficult to understand. More so, they are not as easy to install, in the first place, as WP Clicks which actually has a very effortless one-click installation process. You do not need to use any complex codes and to have knowledge in HTML, in addition to that.

Get more info on WP Clicks here

WP Clicks Features I Love

What I really love about WP Clicks is that I am able to spy on my visitors by watching their Real-Time Recordings. It really feels like a surveillance system that helps me know what I should fix in my site. Installing it is practically effortless to because I just had to upload it like an ordinary plugin.

Another important feature included in WP Clicks that allows me to really progress would be the Goal Campaigns where I am able to get figures on how many visitors click certain links, sign up, and even buy the products I am selling. Through this, I am able to set highly achievable goals.

From the three WP Clicks Packages, I got myself the Unlimited License for $97. With the functionality this has given me, I really have no regrets. The other options would be $47 for one domain and $57 for three, both of which I feel would be very limiting since I want to really maximize all of my membership sites and the ones I will have in the future.

Personally, I think that I have spent my money wisely because I only had to pay one time and yet all the future updates are free. Obviously, it is like I simply paid for something that has surely let me earn the price I paid back together with a continuous load of profit.

WP Clicks Screen-Shots

WPClicks Review

WPClicks Review

WPClicks Review

WP Clicks and Membership Websites

WP Clicks is the perfect plugin for membership websites owners. WP Clicks will help you figure out exactly what improvements you need to do in order to increase your revenues.

Basically, WP Click is excellent for any type of website, but from my own experience, WP Click really helped me improve my revenues from my membership sites.

I recommend you to give WP Click a try, because you won’t regret it. Try WP Clicks now

My Overall Conclusion on WP Clicks

WP Clicks is a groundbreaking tool that will bring awareness to what all internet marketers need to know when it comes to making a successful online business.

You have nothing to lose with seeing what your visitors are up to with WP Clicks. This is because you can check out the Demo or have it tried out on your website on a trial basis. If you choose not to continue your purchase, then you will get your money back within 60 days.

Discover more on WP Clicks here

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