Backup Creator and Backup Creator Ultimate Review

You never really think something will happen to any of your websites and you will lose all its content, until it happens… that’s exactly what had happened to me. Some hackers cracked into 2 of my websites, and I lost all the important content I had.

I just couldn’t believe it really happened to me, just as you probably don’t believe it will ever happen to you… and that is exactly why I write you this review.

Obviously, from that point, I realized that I should have been more prepared for such a situation. Of course, I could not predict when the next time would strike. I needed an efficient way to keep all of my precious content protected so I can easily restore my site should such a disaster arise again in the future.

Backup Creator is a WordPress plugin that it is able to back up all of your websites files, databases, plugins, and practically everything you need.

Backup Creator Best Features

Backup Creator will save you days and hours trying to rebuild your site should the inevitable situation comes that you would lose your entire site due to a glitch, a hacker, or something else. With Backup Creator, you will be able to restore your site without taking a lot of time.

Backup Creator also gives you a lot of flexibility with how you want to make use of your backups, whether they are copied to another website, uploaded using your browser, or even transferred to an FTP server.

There are other backup plugins that I have seen, but none of them met the features of Backup Creator since it had a more efficient backup procedure in addition to storing every last detail and element in your website. Its pricing is also more competitive compared with WPTwin, and WP Cloner to name a few.

Although the process of creating backups with Backup Creator is pretty effortless, in one mouse click, you may find this to be an additional task you may have overlooked. However, you should note that an enhanced version, Backup Creator Ultimate, is able to address this since you can schedule your backups without having to make a single click anymore.

Get more information on Backup Creator here

Why I Am Impressed With Backup Creator and Backup Creator Ultimate

The thing that impresses me the most about Backup Creator is that it only takes one click in order to backup your entire website. It is just amazing how much I could put my site in complete safety with just a click.

There is another amazing feature, Backup Creator Ultimate, where the automatic backup feature really means I do not have to depend on a click of a mouse anymore. I am actually able to get backups on a regular schedule without having to do anything once I set it up.

I am pleasantly surprised that I just had to pay $47 to get Backup Creator Ultimate. I did not have to think twice about buying it because just its function to secure my sites that allow me to make a living is worth anything. Besides, I really think that it is very affordable.

Backup Creator and Membership Websites

As I already said, backing-up your websites is one of the most important things, if not the most important one. Not backing-up your sites can have a destructive impact on your business and for your income.

Sure, you should back-up every site you own, but I’m sure you agree with me that there’s a big different between a site that was build in order to promote an affiliate product or in order to earn from Google Adsense and a membership website.

With Backup Creator you can easily back up your entire website in no time and stay relaxed that if something will happen, you can restore your important content back in a click of a mouse.

If you don’t have a backup plugin, it’s time you get Backup Creator

My Final Verdict on Backup Creator and Backup Creator Ultimate

Backup Creator Ultimate will definitely protect your websites and you can rest assure that if you will ever need to restore the data of content, you will be able to do that in a click of a mouse.

You should consider installing Backup Creator Ultimate on your websites so that all of your content to the last detail would be protected. There is no need to have doubts on this plugin because you have the right to refund the product within 30 days if you have a problem with how it works.

Discover more on Backup Creator here

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