Do you know of any pop-up plugins that integrate with wishlist member?

Popup Registration Plugins for Wishlist Member

Popup Registration Plugins for Wishlist Member


Do you know of any pop up plugins that integrate with Wishlist Member?


Yes, Wishlist Greeting Registration is currently the only popup registration plugin for Wishlist Member.

Wishlist Greeting Registration adds an attractive impossible to miss registration form members will see right when they land on your site and maximize the registration rates to your free membership.

The registration form appears widely on the screen right after the visitor enters the site and he will need to scroll down to view the content.

The greeting registration form’s look and feel can be easily customized according to your needs in the Design tab to allow you to attract a lot more new members.

You can decide via the plugin’s setting whether you want your visitors to see the form again after they close it or not.

You will find all the information about Wishlist Greeting Registration in the product page in this link

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