How can I upgrade free members to paying members automatically after the checkout process?

Does Wishlist Member Integrate with Premium Web Cart?


I am trying to customize our Wishlist checkout process, and want to see if Wishlist Auto Registration will allow us to do the flow we are looking for.

Here is what we are wanting our check out flow to be:

  1. User registers for free account (so that we can their information)
  2. They are redirected to the product page, where they can pick between our 2 products (annual or monthly subscription)
  3. After they choose a product, they are redirected to the payment page where they can pay
  4. Their account is now active

Will Wishlist Auto Registration allow us to do this?

Thanks, Billie


Hi Billie,

Thank you for contacting us.

Yes, Wishlist Auto Registration will upgrade your members from the free level to the paid level automatically according to the flow below after they complete the payment and return to the membership site.

Wishlist Auto Registration is combined of a core plugin which is a must have and it also integrates with PayPal payment gateway + any of the add-ons according to the payment gateway you are using.

You can purchase the relevant products in this link: Wishlist Auto Registration Core + Add-Ons

You can checkout other visitors’ questions that are related to the registration process in this link

Kind regards,


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I am a full-time internet marketer, I help people establish successful membership sites for about 3 years now. I am a project manager at - An online store for WordPress and Wishlist Member plugins.

2 Responses to “How can I upgrade free members to paying members automatically after the checkout process?”

  1. Well this is crap… You need to buy the core program at $67 and then buy the add-on for ClickBank at $30 and if you also use JVZOO guess what, another $30 for that one too. In the end this “add-on” costs as much as WishList Member itself.

    • Hi Mike,

      We are a 3rd-party company that specializes in developing plugins for membership sites and eCommerce platforms through our online store at

      Like any of our plugins, Wishlist Auto Registration’s license includes both updates and support by certified Wishlist Member developers.

      Both WordPress and Wishlist Member are very big platforms that update on a regular and very frequent basis, our developers make sure that all the plugins will continue to work properly with no issues that are usually caused by version updates of these platforms.

      Also, the support is also a very important part as, obviously websites are dynamic, change and update with different plugins, features and even a change in the hosting that can cause conflicts and issues.

      Paying for all these cost development time, and honestly, the return on the investment of the plugin per year is much bigger than paying once a year for updates and supports.

      Also, as mentioned above, you get 30% discount for renewing the plugin.

      You are also welcome to check out the options to get multiple discounts for purchasing through HappyPlugins in this link:

      Hope you understand our company’s point of view.

      Kind regards,


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