Registering members automatically to Wishlist Member membership site

Are there any good wishlist member alternatives?


I want to be able to automatically register my new members. They will be paying via Stripe or Paypal. I understand your Wishlist Auto Registration plugin does that.

1. Is there anything else I’ll need to purchase besides the Core plugin and the Stripe add-on?

2. How does this integrate with aWeber? When it automatically registers them does it also enter them into an aWeber list? I need to know how to make it all happen together or at same time.


1. Regarding Wishlist Auto Registration, if you will be using PayPal only, you need to purchase only the core plugin, and if you would like to use it with Stripe, you will need to the also purchase the Stripe Add-On. These are the only 2 purchases you will need for activating the automatic registration.

2. Regarding the autoresponder integration (including Aweber), Wishlist Auto Registration is using the Wishlist Member plugin functionality to automatically register members, it does not change anything in the process, so if you integrated Wishlist Member with an autoresponder, members will also keep registering to your mailing list  for the level you specified.

Wishlist Auto Registration integrates with 12 different shopping carts, including: PayPal, Stripe,, eWay, Pin Payments, 1ShoppingCart, ClickBank, InfusionSoft, 2CheckOut, Premium Web Cart, Ultra Cart and JVZoo.

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