Is upgrading free members to paying members automatically possible?

Does Wishlist Member Integrate with Premium Web Cart?


Hi Dana,

I looked through all the FAQ and have a question. It relates to this post below:

But isn’t 100% answered (at least to me). Here’s the question: Let’s say someone comes to my site and registers for a free user account.

Then, decides to buy something and (if I have the auto registration plugin for wishlist member with the stripe payment gateway) gets auto registered.

Will they now have two accounts? Or will their accounts be merged into one?



Hi Sam,

Thank you for your email.

In case the user is registered to a free membership level and then purchases something, he will be automatically upgraded to the new level and he will still have one account with access to all the relevant membership levels.

You can purchase Wishlist Auto Registration to your relevant payment gateways in this link

Kind regards,


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