Will Wishlist Auto Registration plugin work with Stripe and Gravity Forms?

Will Wishlist Auto Registration plugin work with Stripe and Gravity Forms?


“I was not able to determine if your Auto Registration with Stripe Add-on would work in the following setup:

1. Wishlist Member installed

2. Gravity Forms installed

3. Stripe Add-on for Gravity forms installed

4. Wishlist Auto Registration Core Plugin installed

5. Wishlist Auto Registration Stripe Add-On installed

Registration Process:
  1. User clicks to purchase a product
  2. User is directed to a payment page that contains a payment form created with Gravity Forms.
  3. Gravity Forms has the Stripe add-on enabled and configured
  4. User clicks “pay now” and credit card information is processed by Stripe and redirected to WLM registration URL

*** Will the Auto-Registration Core + Stripe add-on work?



Wishlist Auto Registration will not work with Gravity Forms and Stripe Add-On because it needs the information that the payment gateway returns to Wishlist Member and the information that Wishlist interprets from the payment gateway.

Just to let you know, in version 2.9 Wishlist Member has improved the registration form design for the Stripe gateway significantly and using the regular form with simple CSS tweaks can give you a very good result.

If you will use the regular Wishlist Member – Stripe integration then Wishlist Auto Registration will work great. 

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  1. I want the visitor to be able to purchase 5-50 memberships (One for each employee). Stripe has a way to do that but WLM does not. Do you have a solution? Price breaks are offered in groups 5-15 16-25 26-50

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