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Wishlist Member Tips Series

Wishlist Member Tips about using the Pay per Post Feature

If you are thinking about selling individual posts using Wishlist’s pay-per-post feature then these are the tips for you:

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Tip #51: How to Sell Multiple Posts using the Pay-per-Post Feature in One Purchase

Wishlist Member allows selling individual posts using the pay-per-post feature.

Selling pay-per-post content has many benefits, however, selling through the pay-per-post feature has a main downside:

You need to create separate purchase buttons for each pay-per-post, which means that each post needs to be purchased separately. If someone wants to buy several posts, he needs to make several purchases, which can extends the buying process, makes it clumsier and reduces the purchase rates.

What You Get in the Tip?

In this post we go over:

  • How the pay-per-post feature works and why it allows selling only one post each time
  • How you can sell multiple posts using the pay-per-post in one purchase

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Tip #44: How to register pay-per-post buyers to your autoresponder

Wishlist Member has a pay-per-post feature, this is, without a doubt, an excellent feature, however, it has one main disadvantage:

It does not register the users to the autoresponder you integrated with your Wishlist account.

So, one the one hand, the pay-per-post feature has great benefits, but on the other hand, none of the people who purchase it are added to your email list, and that is exactly why I created this tip…

What You Get in the Tip?

In this tip we give you 2 different ways to use the pay-per-post feature and still have the ability to grab your users’ emails.

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Wishlist Member Quick Video Series List

How to Automatically Change Your Content’s Protection Settings

Wishlist Member plugin allows you to protect your content under membership levels and / or pay-per-post.

However, sometimes you may want to change a specific post/ page protection settings, for example: move it from level to level, from protected to unprotected, from unprotected to protected etc.

Some of the reasons why you may want to automatically change the protection settings of a specific content are:

Providing only members the privilege to access content before others by changing the content from protected to unprotected

Giving free members a sneak peek to your membership site’s content for a short period of time to make them want to upgrade to the full membership

In this short video you will discover exactly how you can change your protection settings automatically using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro plugin:

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