10 Most Popular Wishlist Member Tips

On April 24, 2014 we started a weekly series with tips about Wishlist Member from our own experience and from questions and issues some of our clients have been dealing with.

Our tips series has become very successful and our tips are getting many views on a daily basis.

In this special post we have collected the 10 most viewed tips so far (in descending order).

10 Most Popular Wishlist Member Tips

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Tip #29: How to Choose a Theme for Your Membership Site Plus Recommended Themes to Use with Wishlist Member

In tip #29 we go over 7 Recommended and popular themes many membership sites owners are using to build and design their Wishlist Member membership sites, guidelines on how to choose the appropriate theme for you and other important things to consider when choosing your theme.

Tip #18: Which Forums Integrate with Wishlist Member?

In tip #18 we share with you the popular forum plugins that integrate with Wishlist Member, links to guidelines on how to integrate each and an important note about Wishlist Member and bbPress integration.

Tip #30: Most Popular Affiliate Programs that Integrate with Wishlist Member

In tip #30 we go over the 3 groups of affiliates programs available, the 7 popular affiliate platforms / software that integrate with Wishlist Member and Guiding questions to help you find the right option for you.

Tip #3: Must Have Plugins for Managing Your Membership Site

In tip #3 we gathered the most popular plugins we are using to make our lives much easier when building and managing our membership sites and our clients’ membership sites.

Tip #31: Choosing the Most Suitable Shopping Cart Service for Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

In tip #31 we go over some of the most popular shopping carts used by Wishlist users according to statistic information we collected from clients.

Tip #22: All about Members’ Stickiness – Keeping Members from Cancelling their Membership

In tip #22 we’ll share with you the 4 simple tactics to keeping your members interested and prevent them from cancelling their membership and 3 MUST HAVE plugins that will help you engage your members faster.

Tip #23: 5 Powerful Models to Pricing Your Membership Site

In tip #23 we go over 5 of the most powerful membership sites’ models you can use to increase your revenues, the pros and cons of every pricing model and examples of websites using each model.

Tip #26: Wishlist Member Membership Site Pre-Launch Checklist

In tip #26 we prepared a simple and easy to follow pre-launch checklist that will help you build the core pages and elements of your membership site in no time!

Tip #41: Pricing Your Membership Site – Annual vs. Monthly Charges

In tip $41 we go over the pros of each pricing option and our recommendation for our members.

Tip #16: Creating Coupons Using Wishlist Member Plugin

In tip #16 we share with you how you can create coupons with Wishlist Member, a great plugin to help you create coupons easily and tips for using coupons the right way in order to maximize your revenues.

The Complete Wishlist Member Tips Series

To view the complete list of tips you can access the below link:


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