Integrating Wishlist Member with Stripe Payment Gateway

visitors-askWe got several questions from Destinee Cushing about using Wishlist with Stripe.

We collected them into one post:

My company is tracking E-Commerce data for the video course we’re launching in Google Analytics. We can’t have buyers leave the site at all to make a purchase or we’ll lose the tracking data.

Question: Will WishList allow members to buy the course while staying on our site? Or do they get sent to another site, like PayPal sends customers to their site?

Answer: You can use Stripe as your payment gateway for that purpose and it would look as if the user is going through the buying process without leaving your site.

Question: Do you know if stripe actually keep users on the site during checkout, or does it just make it seem that way somehow?

Answer: From a user perspective he doesn’t leave the website as the payment screen of Stripe appears in a popup. Behind the scenes Wishlist is communicating with Stripe API and receiving an sending all the payment information.

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The plugin supports 9 payment gateways:

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The core plugin supports PayPal and 8 different add-ons, each supports a different add-on.

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3 Responses to “Integrating Wishlist Member with Stripe Payment Gateway”

  1. Hi there,

    I really want to use Stripe on my membership site and I’m using Wishlist Member.

    The problem I have is that the box that pops up doesn’t render properly on mobile devices.

    It’s fine on my laptop and iPad but completely unusable on an iPhone.

    Can you guys look into this and advise on a solution?


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