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Wishlist Directory - Wishlist Member Dedicated PluginWishlist Directory is an awesome plugin, it is just the plugin you need to increase your members` engagement to your site.

Wishlist Directory allows you to:

1. Create several directories for your members

You can create a directory for all your members and a separate directory for each of your membership levels.

By creating these members` directories you will make it ,much easier for your members to find one other on your membership site, approach them through different social sites, such as Facebook, Linkedin etc, visit their website and see their latest comments.

The directories actually create a better connection and communication between your members, making them much more involved in discussions on your site and therefore, making them much more engaged with it.

2. Allow your members to edit their profiles on the front-end

Making the process of editing the members` profiles accessible is highly important, since it keeps the information on each of your members updated.

Your members can add the following details: Full Name, Picture, Bio, links to all the social sites and link to their own website.

The more information your members will add to their profile, the bigger the chance for other members to approach them and start a conversation.

The more connections your members will create, the more engaged they will become.

How can Wishlist Directory be used?

The directories and the Edit Profile page and be easily created by inserting simple shortcodes to a page or post.

Inside the post you go to the Wishlist icon and click on the desired shortcode to insert it.

Wishlist Directory Tutorial

Watch this short tutorial to get detailed information about the plugin.

Watch Wishlist Directory Tutorial

Why You must use Wishlist Directory on your membership site?

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement!

Give your members the experience they need in a membership site and they will stay with you.

By allowing your members to easily connect with one another in different ways, you are increasing their satisfaction from your site and reducing the chances of them to cancel their subscription.

Wishlist Directory Settings

Wishlist Directory is so easy to manage, and that is why the settings tab has so little options:

1. Ability to disable the search box for searching members

2. Ability to determine how many members to show per page

3. Ability to customize the buttons’ colors

How can you get Wishlist Directory?

Wishlist Directory is now available for purchase for Wishlist Member clients only using credits.

You may already have credits inside your account.

If you do, you can use these credits to purchase the plugins you need from the long list of excellent plugins Wishlist offers for sale.

If you don’t have enough credits, don’t worry!

You can purchase extra credits straight from your account.

To view all the available plugins click here (under “My Software”)

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9 Responses to “Wishlist Directory”

  1. Please could you add the ability to upload a picture in the edit profile view. A field for company name and phone number would be fantastic too.

    • Hi Marianne Emma,
      These are great ideas. The plugin was developed by the Wishlist Member team. You can contact their support team.
      Jen Morgan

  2. On the edit profile page, there is a checkbox to “Include profile in directory” – I would assume that if this box is unchecked, my profile would not show up in the directory, but this is not true. All members show up in the directory regardless of the status of this box. What is this checkbox for?

    I have already contacted plugin support, and have had an unsatisfactory response so far. Please help!

    • Hi Luke,
      You are correct. The “Include profile in directory” check-box exists in order to display a certain profile in the directory.
      I tested the plugin in a new website and when the check-box is unchecked, it removes the member from the directory, so I am guessing that the plugin may be conflicting with another plugin you have on the site.
      To solve the problem you need to contact Wishlist support team again.
      If that does not help, you should know that we are offering a troubleshooting service. You can find more information here:

  3. Hi there.
    How do I show multiple levels in one directory? I have different membership levels but I want to show mostof them in the directory – but not all.
    Is there a shortcode for this?

  4. I really can’t figure out how to work this plugin. I am trying to set up the directory for Last Name, State, or Category (as the 3 search options). I cant see how to do that?


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