5 Powerful Ways You Can Implement Right Away to Get More Members to Join Your Membership Site

5 Powerful Ways You Can Implement Right Away to Get More Members to Join Your Membership Site

One of the main things that keep membership sites’ owners minds busy is how to increase their registration rates.

There are many tactics you can implement to register more members, here are 5 you can implement right away and enjoy an immediate increase in income and revenues:

1. Offer Free Membership Registration

Increase their engagement by letting free members interact with your free content and increase the chances of converting them into paying members

You can generate a lot more free registrations using these powerful plugins:

2. Build a Community

You can do that by opening a closed members’ forum (if you don’t already have one). Gathering people who are exited and passionate about the same thing and providing them with a platform they can connect with one another easily is highly important.

People may join your membership site because of the content, but will definitely stick around for the community.

If you do not already have established a members’ forum, here are links to information that can help you get started:

3. Integrate Wishlist Member with an eCommerce Platform

By integrating Wishlist Member with an eCommerce platform you will be able to sell memberships along with other products you may have (any type of product that can be sold via an eCommerce platform, such as: physical products, digital goods, downloadable products etc.) in one cart!

Making the purchase process simple and easy and allowing customers to purchase multiple products in one buying process will have an immediate impact over your overall sales and revenues.

Wishlist Member can be integrated with the following eCommerce platforms:

4. Offer Membership Bundles

Selling membership bundles will empower your membership site and increase your overall sales and revenues.

You can create simple bundles using Wishlist Member settings or use Wishlist Bundles plugin to create more complex bundles.

For more information you can access Tip #71: 4 Powerful Methods for Creating Bundles using Wishlist Member ($5/mo to access all +60 tips)

5. Give Visitors a Sneak Peek to Your Content

By giving your visitors a sneak peek to your closed content you can attract them to join your membership.

There are several ways you can give visitors a sneak peek to your content:

You can add the “read more” tag to posts and pages and make all content before the tag visible to everyone. This can easily be achieved using the regular Wishlist Member settings:

a. Using the Wishlist Member protection settings

Add the “read more” tag right before the content you want to keep closed for members only

Set your post / page’s protection settings in the Wishlist Member Meta Box as seen below:

Wishlist Member Protection Settings Meta Box

Inside Wishlist Member’s Protection Settings tab set the “Only show content for each membership level” to No as seen in this screenshot:

Wishlist Member Protection Settings

b. By enhancing your membership site with these powerful plugins:

Wishlist Auto Protect Pro – Automatically change your content’s protection settings at any time or date you want. You can move your content’s protection from one membership level to another, change the protection settings after a period of time to protect or unprotect.

Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes – display (drip) / hide (archive) content based on the members’ registration date, membership level and the time passed since the registration using simple yet powerful shortcodes.

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