Wishlist Member Tips for Managing Members Forum

If you are thinking of opening a closed members forum or you are already managing one and you want to know how to keep your forum active and alive then these tips from our Wishlist Member Tips Series are for you:

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Tip #66: bbPress vs. SimplePress – Which Forum to Integrate with Wishlist Member?

There are only few plugins that integrate with Wishlist Member, among them are bbPress and SimplePress.

Many of our clients are asking for our advise on which plugin has a better integration with Wishlist Member and which is more recommended.

What You Get in this Tip?

In this tip we go over the pros and cons of using bbPress vs. SimplePress

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Tip #40: Should You Add a Forum to Your Membership Site or Not?

Many of our clients ask us whether of not we recommend adding a forum to their membership site.

The short answer is “Yes”, we recommend adding a members’ forum, the longer answer is that there are some factors to consider before setting it up.

What You Get in This Tip?

In this tip we go over 7 excellent reasons to add a forum and 3 issues to consider before doing so…

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Tip #39: How to Turn Your Forum into a Thriving Community

Many membership sites owners who start a closed members only forum struggle to turn their forum into a thriving and active one where new threads and posts are added on a regular and frequent basis.

What You Get in This Tip?

  • 5 useful tactics that will make you achieve just that – A thriving and active forum where new threads and posts are added on a regular and frequent basis
  • 3 Wishlist Member dedicated plugins that help increase interaction between members and will also help you maintain an active forum

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Tip #18: Which Forums Integrate with Wishlist Member?

A very common question among our clients is what forum plugin integrates with Wishlist Member.

We gathered for you some of the plugins that integrate with Wishlist Member.

Using a forum that integrates with your membership site will allow you to manage your protection settings, grant access by membership level, allow access only to registered users and more.

What You Get in This Tip?

  • The popular forum plugins that integrate with Wishlist Member
  • Links to guidelines on how to integrate each
  • Important note about Wishlist Member and bbPress integration

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