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Can I Subscribe Members to a Free Membership using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus?

Does VAT get automatically calculated when using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus?

Laura’s Question:

“Does the VAT get automatically calculated per country and purchase using this plugin? I am from the european union and need this feature. If so, do you have a video demonstrating how this works?

I use Wishlist Member + Stripe.

Is it possible to add a pay by installments option with will take a recurring payment only for a 4 month period”

HappyPlugins Support Answer:

When integrating Wishlist Member and WooCommerce all the payments, including the taxes are processed via the WooCommerce platform.

What Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus does is it allows you to integrate the 2 platforms smoothly and easily, and assign Woo customers to any WLM membership level you want.

As WOO is the platform that handles the payments, regarding your question about the VAT, you will find more information about it in Woo documentation.

Regarding installments via Woo and Stripe you may find more information in this doc.

You can also contact WOO support for more info.

You will also find more information and video tutorials regarding Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus in our documentation.

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus – Resources:

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus – Core Plugin

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus – Plugin & Addons (20% off)

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Wishlist Member – WooCommerce Integration & Generating Invoices

Wishlist Member – WooCommerce Integration & Generating Invoices

If you are not already familiar with the most powerful integration plugin for Wishlist Member & WooCommerce and even if you are and wondering if this plugin will suit your needs, here is a question we received from Pat, a potential customer, who was asking if when integrating WLM & WOO it will be possible to generate an invoice for the members who will purchase membership/s.

The short answer is – YES, definitely!

Here is the longer answer we also answered him:

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus integrated Wishlist Member and WooCommercce to allow you to sell Woo products as Wishlist Member membership levels.

So for the purpose you have described: “What we are looking for is to integrate woocommerce with wlm and have woocommerce send the customer an invoice and still ideally register them for a membership level.” >> Our plugin will do the work!

Regarding the invoices:

This is a Woocommerce feature that can be done via the WooCommerce platform using a plugin called PDF Invoices.
The benefit of integrating WLM & WOO:

The great thing about integrating WLM and WOO is that you will have the ability to use ALL the functions Woocommerce offers and still manage a membership site with all the membership feature offered by Wishlist Member.

Sounds Interesting?

Here is a link to ​​​​​​​Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin + add-ons:

Grant Your Members with Unique Discounts on WooCommerce Products

Grant Your Members with Unique Discounts on WooCommerce Products

Using WooCommerce and Wishlist Member? DON’T leave money on the table!!!!

Grant your Wishlist members with unique discounts on products you sell through your Woo online store and increase your overall sales and revenues instantly!

Using “Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts” plugin you can grant your members discounts!

Exclusive Features:

💲 The Price changes automatically to the discounted price
💲 Define a per-product discount
💲 Define a -per membership product
💲 Set any price you want
💲 Fixed vs. percentage price
💲 Supports multiple levels’ users

All the information about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts here

Register Members Automatically and Increase Your Sales & Revenues

Register Members Automatically and Increase Your Sales & Revenues


Finally you can register members to your membership site automatically, get rid of duplicate and incomplete registrations and save tons of maintenance time…

Time that will allow you to shift your focus to marketing your business and increase your sales and revenues.

If you are not familiar with our highly popular plugin, Wishlist Auto Registration, here is why you must get it!

The Current Wishlist Member Flow

When members return from the payment gateway to the membership site they need to:

Option A: Fill in a registration if they are new

Option B: Continue as existing members to have their account upgraded

If they don’t fill-in the registration form or login as existing members >> You get an incomplete registration / upgrade and YOU need to complete the registration / upgrade for them.

If they do fill in new details >> You get duplicate account and you need to manually merge them into one​​ ​​

​​This creates a lot of unnecessary maintenance work for you…

Read more…

Wishlist Member Plugins Developed by WishList Products You May Want to Know AboutWishlist Member Plugins Developed by WishList Products You May Want to Know About

Wishlist Member Plugins Developed by WishList Products You May Want to Know About

WishList Products is the company behind the WishList Member plugin.

We discovered that many Wishlist Member users don’t even know that WishList Products also developed some very useful add-ons for the WishList Member plugin.

In this post we go over these add-ons, as you may find some of them useful for your membership site:

* Click on the add-on’s name for more information Read more…

Wishlist First Login Redirection Plugin

Why You Should Redirect New Members to a Unique Page on their First Login?

Wishlist Member plugin allows you to redirect members in different membership levels to different pages when they login to the members’ area.

You can do it from the Levels tab per membership level under the Redirects section » After Login as seen in the below screenshot:

Wishlist Member Membership Levels - After Login Redirection

However, many of our Wishlist Member clients have been asking us if there is an option to redirect new members to a different login page, so they will not be redirected to the same page as all other members (usually the dashboard page).

That is why we have developed the Wishlist First Login Redirection plugin that allows you to redirect members to a unique login page in these scenarios:

  • First time ever login – Members who are completely new to the membership site and are logging-in for the very first time to the members’ area
  • First login after membership upgrade – Members who have upgraded their membership and are now logging-in for the first time after the upgrade
  • First login after a long absence – Members who were away for a long time and are now logging-in to the site, in other words: members who haven’t logged-in to the site in x number of days you define

Read more…

Wishlist Member iDevAffiliate Integration

Wishlist Member iDevAffiliate Integration

iDevAffiliate is a very popular and veteran affiliate platform that integrates with Wishlist Member and is used by many of our Wishlist Member clients.

In this post we go over the steps to integrating iDevAffiliate with Wishlist Member quickly and easily.

iDevAffiliate Add-On for Wishlist Member Download & Installation

The add-on will allow you to integrate iDevAffiliate with Wishlist Member.

First you need to download the iDevAffiliate add-on for Wishlist Member (You need to be logged-in to your Wishlist Member account):

Wishlist Member iDevAffiliate Integration Add-On

Follow the instructions below on how to install the add-on quickly and easily:

Read more…

Wishlist First Login Redirection Plugin

Wishlist First Login Redirection [NEW PLUGIN]

When defining your membership site’s settings you can choose the page members will be redirected to every time they login to the members’ area.

The default page is the Dashboard, however, you can change it to any other page by going to Settings » Configuration » System Pages:

Wishlist Member after Login Redirection

Wishlist First Login Redirection allows you to redirect new members who login to the site for the first time to a different page.

Wishlist First Login Redirection Main Features

  • Per membership level redirection – Choose a first login redirection page for each membership level separately
  • New level redirection – Allows you to redirect the member to the first login page again when he is added to a new membership level
  • Long absence redirection – Redirect to the first login page if the member has not logged-in to the members’ area for any number of days you define in the settings

Read more…

Clarification about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

Important Clarification about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

If you want to redirect your customers to a Wishlist Member registration form after the payment to collect more information then this email is for you!

Many customers who are using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus have been asking us how they can redirect customers who purchase a membership product to a custom registration form to collect more information.

This is how you can do it:

To add additional fields to the checkout process you can use the WooCommerce Field Editor plugin.

In this way a customer will fill-in all the information you need before the checkout and still be redirected to the invoice page as he normally does with WooCommerce.

There are many reasons why we do not redirect to the registration page, you can read the complete post: How to Redirect Customers to Wishlist Member Registration Form after WooCommerce Checkout

Get more information about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

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